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Lee Young Ja's Agency Responds To Her Brother Being Accused Of Fraud

Lee Young Ja’s label IOK Company stated, “A few days ago, we received a tip about Lee Young Ja’s older brother. After confirming the facts with him, he said that Lee Young Ja was not involved at all and that the matter had already been settled through an agreement.”

The agency added, “After confirming the facts, we sent both the address and contact information of Lee Young Ja’s brother to the other party through the person we received the tip from. However, the other party publicized the case through a national petition although we provided all information to get in contact directly. The agency, along with Lee Young Ja, will look into the matter so that it can be settled smoothly, and we will fulfill the moral responsibility to prevent further damage.”

On December 2, someone wrote a petition titled “I was conned by Lee Young Ja’s family” on the bulletin board of the Blue House. According to the post, in 1997, Lee Young-ja’s older brother asked the publisher of the petition to let him run a fruit and vegetable section at a large supermarket without a deposit because of the fact that he is related to the comedian. Because Lee Young Ja and their father personally came, the publisher allowed it. While running a fruit and vegetable section like that, Lee Young Ja’s brother borrowed 100 million won (approximately $90,214) of household checks and ran away.

The publisher of the petition stated, “I called Lee Young Ja and she cursed at me, saying, ‘I don’t know anything. I helped you, so why are you doing this to me?’ I couldn’t stop the checks that were coming in every day and eventually went bankrupt.”

Then he added, “It makes me angry that she’s laughing and talking as if she did nothing wrong when she tore apart a family. Despite the fact that she has my number and that I have mustered up the courage to complain, she hasn’t apologized to me or given me a call. I can’t hold back anymore, so I put up this petition to make sure the victims like me don’t suffer.”

Lee Young Ja’s brother is the latest of celebrities’ families to be accused of fraud. Rain’s parents were also accused of fraud, and Dok2 recently responded to accusations of fraud against his mother. Microdot’s parents are also currently under investigation for fleeing the country after borrowing money from friends, neighbors, and acquaintances.

source: @soompi, naver via soompi
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