8:36 pm - 12/04/2018

Korean elementary school students choose the Most Memorable People and Trends of 2018

The Elementary Learning Institute of the smart home-learning program i-Scream Home-Learn conducted a survey of 3,395 elementary school students throughout Korea, and has now revealed its results.

When asked which person was the most memorable for them in 2018, 24.8 percent of students answered BTS. There were many respondents who said the reason they chose BTS was “They are someone who is very famous on television or the internet” (26.6 percent) or “They taught people overseas about our country” (25.1 percent).

Following BTS was YouTube creator Ddotty (18.1 percent), TWICE (13.2 percent), and Wanna One (9 percent).

The students were also asked what news item was the most memorable for them in 2018. The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics came in first with 26 percent of overall votes, and the win by the South Korean male soccer team at the 2018 Asian Games took second with 24.2 percent of votes. The South-North Korean summit in April 2018 came in third (21.7 percent) and the South Korean soccer team’s win against Germany at the 2018 World Cup in Russia came in fourth (8.4 percent).

The “most memorable trend of the year” title went to slime! The squishy toy that both kids and adults have enjoyed playing with recently was chosen by 45.2 percent of elementary school students.

iKON’s song “Love Scenario” came in second with 26.7 percent of the votes. After topping charts following its release in January, “Love Scenario” became a huge hit among kids this spring, and iKON even hosted a special sing-along event for children.

In particular, 60.6 percent of female students named slime as the trend of the year, while “Love Scenario” was chosen by 38 percent of male students, with slime being the answer chosen by 24.2 percent of boys.

When asked if slime will be trendy next year too, 59.8 percent of students agreed. Other trendy things in 2018 that the students chose included fidget spinners (5.6 percent of overall votes) and decorating their planners (4.1 percent).

Source: @soompi, Naver via Soompi

BTS and iKON truly living out their Artist of the Year and Song of the Year titles even among children lol jk
b1gay4 4th-Dec-2018 10:53 pm (UTC)
love scenario was truly the people’s song
lily_of_west 5th-Dec-2018 07:25 am (UTC)

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