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Omona, do you want to play: Girl of the year edition

Hello Omona,

2018 is coming to an end, we're all busy with holidays preparation and now doesn't seem like the right time to hold a competition, hence this proposal:
Would you guys like for this kitty to hold a new(ish) competition in early 2019 titled "Girl of the year"? *

The goal would be to determine who has been the true queen of 2018.
Being sexy isn't the only factor here, your fave will be judged on
- Her physique: is she the prettiest/sexiest of them all?
- Personality: is she funny, cute, dorky?
- Talent: that one speaks for itself
- And versatility: can she sing, act, compose? Does she venture outside of k-entertainment (example: queen Uhm Jung Hwa started her own lingerie business). Is she the wholesome queen we all admire and aspire to be when we grow up?

So the question is, do you want this kind of event?
This poll is closed.

Girl of the yea

I want something else

* Kitty doesn't care for boys but under peer pressure we may hold a boy of the year competition as well
@mods, it'd be super duper great if you could stick this one
Tags: !omona bias games, !omona exclusive
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