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Tiffany Responds To Allegations Of Fraud Against Her Father

On December 4, it was reported that a person had stepped forward accusing Tiffany’s father of fraud. According to the accusations, the person had met Tiffany’s father in Manila, Philippines in 2007, and had lent him a total of 35 million won (approximately $31,400), which they were never paid back. The person stated that Tiffany’s father had fabricated claims of taking over a golf course in order to borrow the money, and had used threats to silence any requests for the money to be repaid.

The person laid out details of what transpired in a government petition and stated that the last time they had been able to contact Tiffany’s father was April 2008. They stated, “I am talking about this now because I feel as though the world and society has changed where I can freely speak of things that have happened in relation to a family member of a celebrity.”

Tiffany addressed the issue through her agency Transparent Artist on December 5 and opened up about her struggles due to her father, who she has not contacted in seven years.

She stated, “Hello, this is Tiffany. I have read the post written by a person who has been hurt by my father in the past. I wish to present my statement to the public, whom I have caused concern to, because my heart is heavy with sorrow.

“Since I was young, I have had a difficult childhood because of my father’s various issues. Even after I made my debut, I received threats from people related to my father because of various financial issues that occurred without my knowledge.

“Not only this, but I was also pressured by my own father to repay his debts. I took financial responsibility multiple times because I believed it was expected of me as a familial matter.

“I was always scared that I would bring harm to my precious members and those around me because of this.

“Despite this, my father and those related to him continued their threats. It reached a point where I felt that I could no longer bear his problems, so I broke off ties with him and we agreed to live separate lives. It has been seven years since I have last contacted him.

“Though it was not an easy decision to speak about my family affairs in such unfortunate circumstances, I have written this statement because I feel sorry towards the person who has been hurt by my father for a long time, and towards all those who have been hurt because of this situation.

“Once more, I sincerely apologize for this controversy.”

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shawarmafordays 6th-Dec-2018 09:07 am (UTC)
I feel so much for this situation bc this is literally my life at the moment with my parents. I'm basically helping them financially despite having a very strained and often difficult relationship with them due to cultural expectations. I'm not in a position to walk away at the moment because most of my savings have gone into helping them and keeping them afloat.

Tiffany shouldn't apologize for this, it's not her fault that her dad is a dick.

I admire Tiffany so much for working so hard and sticking to her dreams, it must have been so hard with everything's that happened to her life. Also, this makes so much of sense why she's always been in Korea during holidays and how close she is to SooTae and asking Sooyoung's parents to help with negotiations :((

My heart :( I really feel so bad for her cuz had to explain herself and take responsibility when its really not her fault or issue, it just opens up old wounds.

I just feel that most of these cases are so unfortunate because celebrity being named is forced to step up and air private issues due to the pressure on them :/

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