9:42 pm - 12/05/2018

JYPE's New 'Secret Weapon' Hwang Yeji on The Fan

Hwang Yeji is a trainee at JYPE and recently was brought up a lot during the coverage of Somi's departure from the agency. She's appearing on the new survival show "The Fan".

The shows description: Hottest stars in the industry try to find the next future stars. Stars become the fan of the future stars and try to support them. While competing [against] one another, these future stars have to gather as much fans from the public.

Panel includes BoA, Yu HuiYeol, Lee Sungmin, and Kim Eana

source: KOCAWA TV

interesting song choice and performance...is this a hint at the new JYP gg concept?
premonitioner 6th-Dec-2018 09:57 am (UTC)
she's got a really interesting and intense gaze, i kept looking at her eyes! i wish i could have actually heard her voice, the backing vocals were waaaay too loud for me to be able to always pick out which vocals were her singing live.

dancing was okay, but in this era of kpop, doing the splits isn't impressive anymore (unless you're a dumbass old man with a monkey brain thinking it's okay to want to have sex with this child)
lydzi 6th-Dec-2018 10:42 am (UTC)
I was going to post the same thing. She really has an interesting gaze. Rest is okay but her eyes were the most memorable thing about her.
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