9:42 pm - 12/05/2018

JYPE's New 'Secret Weapon' Hwang Yeji on The Fan

Hwang Yeji is a trainee at JYPE and recently was brought up a lot during the coverage of Somi's departure from the agency. She's appearing on the new survival show "The Fan".

The shows description: Hottest stars in the industry try to find the next future stars. Stars become the fan of the future stars and try to support them. While competing [against] one another, these future stars have to gather as much fans from the public.

Panel includes BoA, Yu HuiYeol, Lee Sungmin, and Kim Eana

source: KOCAWA TV

interesting song choice and performance...is this a hint at the new JYP gg concept?
goshipgurl 6th-Dec-2018 03:57 pm (UTC)
her face reminds me of ka-eun. it was a pretty basic performance... she can dance, but her voice is meh
accioanime 8th-Dec-2018 02:14 pm (UTC)
same. Definitely the eyes.
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