7:53 am - 12/06/2018

LMAO Brand New Music ends contract with San E

source: Naver via Oh_Mes

honeebs 6th-Dec-2018 02:23 pm (UTC)
... you just played yourself

This is sad because I like his songs.
The best thing to happen to him. I hope it was done because of his views and they way he chose to express them and not by peoples request, petitions and hate mail etc etc because if it was he and they haven't learned a thing just doing it to save that won and save face.
lizanka23 6th-Dec-2018 04:16 pm (UTC)
Theyre a company so of course the main reason is going to be their bottom line, and with the majority of their new boy group’s fans being women they decided this was the better option. At least this will teach a lot of male artists to keep their mouth shut about gender issues and leave the conversation to people who are actually informed on the matter

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