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IZ*ONE News: Japanese 2018 FNS Music Festival performance, Japanese debut date confirmed

IZ*ONE Confirms Date For Japanese Debut

IZ*ONE will be releasing an album in Japan!

On December 6, IZ*ONE’s agency Off The Record Entertainment stated on the girl group’s official website that IZ*ONE’s Japanese debut single album is scheduled to be released on February 6, 2019. (OP note: there even was an English note!)

IZ*ONE began their Japanese promotional activities on December 5 after performing their debut track “La Vie en Rose” on the end-of-the-year Japanese music show 2018 FNS Music Festival.

Off The Record also stated, “Through Universal Music Japan’s label EMI Records, [IZ*ONE] is currently preparing to release their official [single] album. Please continue to love and support IZ*ONE, who will be actively promoting in both Korea and Japan.”

source: @soompi, dear s, iz-one, naver
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