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Jellyfish Entertainment’s New Boy Group VERIVERY Announces Upcoming Official Debut

On December 6, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that VERIVERY will be debuting in January 2019. The first boy group to debut under the agency since VIXX, VERIVERY is a seven-member group that boasts a wide variety of skills from composing to choreographing to video editing.

The members of VERIVERY were previously introduced back in September, and the group has already starred in their very own reality show ahead of their debut. They also released “Super Special,” the OST track they helped make for their reality show, and recently held a hi-touch event.

Having demonstrated their talents through the content they have been sharing with fans through social media, VERIVERY may soon captivate a larger number of people as “creative-dols.”

source: @soompi, soompi, naver

Are you looking forward to Verivery's debut?
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