12:36 am - 12/07/2018

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Has it snowed where you are, Omona?
dior_chic 7th-Dec-2018 02:59 pm (UTC)
Laboum - I really loved Hwi Hwi and Only U, they were so catchy. I’m glad they’ve switched up to mature releases since they’re an older group, but they’re just so boring to me. Yes they’re more sensual but I equate to a boring love making session - you’re thinking of someone else during it since whats really happening ain’t cutting it 😬

Exid - I LOVEEE my girls. I enjoyed their songs this year, but the title songs in 2017 were better imo. Exid was repeatedly on my top 100 last year, but their new stuff didn’t make it on the 2018 one :( Lady is getting second life so it could reappear on my 2019, but I Love You....yea I don’t see it for them.

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