4:51 pm - 12/09/2018

181209 SBS Inkigayo

Winners Announcement

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'YES or YES'



Album Sales (음반) 138 10 10
SNS 3500 1779 3218
Viewers Advance Votes (시청자전투표) 54 67 35
ON-AIR 300 325 459
Digital Sales (음원) 5500 3664 4744
Final Total 9492 5845 8466





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vintage_boom 9th-Dec-2018 06:09 pm (UTC)
4/5 of RV look amazing. Joy's looking especially wonderful in that styling. RBB is so good even if it does sound like the music used in the youtube premium ads lol

Yubin <3 She's rly killing it this comeback and those fanchants were so enthusiastic. Looks like someone tried to help Jennie with her energy level on stage, it looks better but those crotch shots were unnecessary and weird.

Sad it's Key's last stages but his album is so good and I'm happy for him.
thebloomroom 9th-Dec-2018 06:13 pm (UTC)
I’m sad Key didnt get any wins, OOTN is in my top 5 releases of the year tbh, its so damn good. He killed it as usual. Help Me is a fucking BOP, I’ll miss seeing beautiful ass Ren in those long, silky shirts 🤩

Mino looks fine as hell and I hate myself still for thinking it lol.
kenziekinz09 10th-Dec-2018 07:01 pm (UTC)
RBB’s charring is terribad I’m so embarrassed
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