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BTS becomes fastest Korean artist who debuted after 2000 to surpass 10 million in total album sales

According to data released by Gaon Chart on their recent November album sales figures and officially confirmed on December 8, BTS has surpassed 10 million in total album sales at 10,023,081 copies.

The group achieved this feat in approximately five years and six months as they made their debut in June 2013. This makes BTS the fastest Korean singer who debuted after 2000 to reach the milestone. In this year alone from January to November, BTS is recorded to have sold 5,003,455 albums, becoming the highest-selling artist in Korea this year according to data released so far.

BTS has had a total of twelve Korean releases, from their debut single “2 Cool 4 Skool” to their recent repackage album “Love Yourself: Answer.” Their latest release “Love Yourself: Answer” was released on August 24 of this year and has already sold 2,169,519 copies according to most recent figures, setting a record for the highest-selling release recorded on Gaon Chart.

Source: @soompi, Osen via Soompi
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