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[Thumbs Post Office] with GOT7 Jinyoung & Yugyeom (part 1&2)

Part 1

Part 2

Sources: Thumbs 1 2 / haetbitmark / gif

Okay so this is a 4-part series but watching this made me so happy I'm posting the first two already, whatever (the rest is uploaded by the end of the week). The dynamic between the Tom&Jerry couple doesn't get enough love tbh.

In the first video they read letters fans had sent them, mostly resulting in embarrasment of Yugyeom and to the glee of Jinyoung (that backfires in the end), but also some sincere and poignant advice from Oprah!Jinyoung that even OP herself could take to heart.

The next one is a memetastic game of pictionary that displays the combined genius(?) and terrible drawing skills of the two. I'm so glad this exist now.

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