4:51 pm - 12/10/2018

SISTAR reunites for Hyolyn's Bday!

source: xhyolynx

so cute! I miss sistar so much.
pikapika217 10th-Dec-2018 11:34 pm (UTC)
we love a happy reunion!

this just reminds me - was Rainbow celebrating their 9th birthday posted here? Everyone made it, it was cute
goshipgurl 11th-Dec-2018 12:20 am (UTC)
No :(
lizanka23 11th-Dec-2018 12:16 am (UTC)
i love that they disbanded on good terms and still keep in touch
goshipgurl 11th-Dec-2018 12:20 am (UTC)
Love that they (and rainbow as well) still keep in contact with each other even after the disbandment.
suggestivepeach 11th-Dec-2018 09:01 am (UTC)

Cute! I miss them so much

921227 11th-Dec-2018 11:43 am (UTC)

I watched the debut special mbc uploaded on YT and like.... Sistar really were out of this world. Hits upon hits -- it was 2hrs well spent
vintage_boom 11th-Dec-2018 04:05 pm (UTC)
I love that they've been doing that for so many groups! so many stages get lost or go missing so having them all in one place and being able to see the diff eras is rly great.
921227 11th-Dec-2018 08:34 pm (UTC)
Oh yea like theres even some groups where i forgot they even promoted something or how good that song was if it was early in their career. Plus, its super fun seeing how the members grew up (& their terrible styling lol)
love_keiko 11th-Dec-2018 08:12 pm (UTC)
omg i did not kno this was a thing! pls link me
921227 11th-Dec-2018 08:32 pm (UTC)

Theyve also done other groups too.
sra_interesante 11th-Dec-2018 05:26 pm (UTC)
awww when i saw this on my feed i assumed it was from some fansite posting old pics lol ... but it wasnt!

i love to see how you can tell they stay in touch, you can find girls comments on each other sns ... like not even a month ago girls attended hyorin shows and she stills performs sistars songs
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