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JTBC shares upcoming drama remakes news

JTBC has announced to remake a popular American drama series “Younger”

“Younger” is a drama that tells a story of a single mother in her forties, who faces an unexpected divorce. As a result, she pretends to be a younger woman to secure a job to provide for her and her children.

The original drama series premiere in 2015 and is still continuing to this day with season 5. In the original series, Hilary Duff plays the role of Kelsey. She is the lead female character, and also a book editor in the drama. Dareen Star, who is known for creating the hit series “Sex and the City” produced the show.

A representative of JTBC said, “we decided to remake this show because we were attracted to the strong female figure in the show, as well as its storyline. We will try our best to remake the show that it reflects present society in Korea, in order to captivate the hearts of many audience.”

Meanwhile, JTBC aims to premiere its remake of “Younger” in 2020.


Jin Goo and Seo Eun-Soo have confirmed star in JTBC’s upcoming drama “Legal High,” a remake of Japanese drama series of the same name. (A follow up to this post)

“Legal High” first aired in 2012 on a Japanese channel Fuji TV. It is a comedy drama with background set in a courtroom, featuring a passionate lawyer named Komikado Kensuke, who is willing to do everything he can to win cases. It also features another character named Mayuzumi Machiko, a hard-working rookie lawyer with a strong sense of justice.

First, Jin Goo will play in the role of Go Tae-Rim, an equivalent to Komikado Kensuke from the original drama. While he is unafraid to make ruthless comments to others and rather full of himself, this vicious characteristic of his lets him win at every case he takes over. No matter what the cause is, a case doesn’t mean anything to him unless he can win.

On the other hand, Seo Eun-soo will play in the role of rookie lawyer, Seo Jae-In. While she began her career with a motive to help those in need, she soon faces the reality, where a lawyer who can’t win is useless. At the end, she teams up with Go Tae-Rim.

A source from JTBC said, “Jin Goo and Seo Eun-Soo plan to provide joy and laughters to you as they portray these realistic situations. Please look forward as the actors plan to go through a transformation for their new roles.”

Meanwhile, “Legal High” will premieres sometime in February, 2019.

source: KPopLove 1 2 via Korea Daily 1 2
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