4:54 pm - 12/11/2018

The Return of Superman Ep 254



Naeun & Gunhoo

William & Bentley

Jiyong tries to play a prank on Seungjae with the help of g.o.d member Hoyoung. Are we getting closer to Seungjae finally meeting a SECHSKIES uncle? Siha goes to the park with his bff Bongyeon and their dads. Then Siha gets a haircut! OMG he looks like a big boy now and my little heart was not prepared. Naeun and Gunhoo are learning taekwondo for the first time. All the little kids in the class are so sweet. Gunhoo gets angry at his sister, and it's so adorable lol. He's so animated! It's Ben's 1st birthday and Sam plans a special meal for him. Then they watch the video of his birth and William gets emotional. He has a birthday party and Sam's Real Men friends come to the party. It's nice to see them keep in touch. Taegyu also shows up, with a present for Yumi too! Bong Taegyu is now officially one of my fav TRoS dads lol.

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vintage_boom 12th-Dec-2018 01:14 am (UTC)
Gunhoo's little tantrum was so funny I think I've watched that clip two more times this week. he was so mad. lmao
infj23 12th-Dec-2018 01:43 am (UTC)
It may have been the highlight of the year. The way he went into each room still ranting about the injustice of it all was so beautiful.
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