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Key's Japanese Solo debut mini album teasers & making of video released

SHINee Official Twitter account released the first audio teaser for Key's upcoming mini album.
The teaser is a highlight medley of the songs "Hologram" "Why Are You Here" and "Power".
Key 1st mini album “Hologram” will be pre-released digitally on Dec 21 (Fri) 0:00 on major DSPs and physically on Dec 26th.
The limited edition version of the physical album will have a 10-set Christmas Collection Cards, Lyrics book and a 32-page Photo booklet.

Pre-order of the digital album available here: iTunes , Apple Music

Digest video of the making of DVD that will come with the mini

[Translation]00:00 - 00:05 : I felt like "It's finally time"! I wasn't nervous/anxious.
00:06 - 00:15 : It's retro, old school-style. The first time I heard "Hologram" the whole concept for the album just came to me.
00:20 - 00:24 : Taemin, respect!! Did you do all of this!? *
00:30 - 00:41 : I wanted to express the sadness in the lyrics in the PV as well. We shot the PV for 3 days. In the rain and in the ocean.
00:42 - 00:56 : My solo (mini album) is finally ready!** I wanted to make an album that represents Key (/me). I think I succeeded with that, so I'm really happy. Please support me in the future, and thank you.

TN notes:
* Meaning: Key is really impressed that Taemin could do all of this (= releasing a solo album) because it is so much work.
** Literally: My solo is released! As it is not technically out yet, I changed it a little.

Source: @SHINetter (1, 2),, UMJ, @mredwardsanders, Translation of video by me

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