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Flashback Friday

This week seemed to fly by! Maybe because I’m dreading the weekend. Family weddings, ugh. I don’t even know if it’s an open bar or not. Every week I go through the past charts for this day and share the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week let’s look back on what we were listening to in the 2nd week of December, 2010. A few songs were posted before, so we’ll see some live performances this week. Lots of fun jams!

#3 Girls’ Generation “Hoot”
I liked this song, and I definitely liked the live stages more than the MV. Because l adore the styling this era so much (omg I love big hair lol). They look sooo good! The song is fun too, and I still love this choreography a lot. Shashay right into my heart with those struts Miss Seohyun and Miss Sooyoung.

#2 Beast “Beautiful”
This is my favorite song from them. I still scream out the “Nothing better than you. You, you, you, you!” part, I love that part lol. I’ve never seen the MV before though. I wasn’t expecting that teen dance movie plotline! Hyungseung and his crew should have won it lol. Anyways, this video features predebut Apink’s Naeun. She’s a baby here!

#1 Kara “Jumping”
I swear, Kara has some of the bestest bops for working out. I think I have a Kara song on every workout playlist. Them and Britney, lol. This is a fun song to dance around to. I barely remember this MV, but I do remember some of this choreo. Oh, the little booty pop lol! Looks like girl groups were really loving thigh high boots in the fall of 2010.

Honorable Mentions

#4 Orange Caramel “Aing”
This is the song I always think of first when it comes to OC. I think it’s the costumes, lol. I always remember the fairy tale outfits and petticoats. This was the lead single off of their second mini, just a few months after their debut.

#7 PSY “Right Now”
This is my favorite PSY song! I remember being really into it when it first came out, and it’s still my fav. Apparently this song is 19 & over, banned because of the line “Life is like toxic alcohol” lol oh Korea. Here’s the song at his Seoul Plaza concert, a free show that drew over 80,000 people. It looks like so much fun! All his shows do.

sources: GarakHolic3, BEAST Official YouTube Channel, DSPmedia, PLEDIS ENTERTAINMENT, officialpsy & soompi
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