1:55 am - 12/16/2018

OT7 NCT Dream's Dance Practice for 'My First And Last'

We finally have a decent video of OT7 NCT Dream performing NCT as a whole's arguably their best single.
Almost 2 years later and this song still sounds so good.

Mark is officially graduating on the 31st.
What do you think should we do to convince SM to make OT7 Dream a permanent unit once Jisung graduates from Dream? *cries in a corner*

Source: 채널 NCT DANCE
ohbubbajoan 16th-Dec-2018 12:32 am (UTC)
love it, love them. the song is great but the choreo is everything. the cam work here is really good imo.

as much i was thrown off by the multiple channels at first i enjoying every little video they pulling out. did i need to know jaemin/jisung, jeno/renjun can decorate cakes nicely? no. did i like it? yes. johnny and jaehyun fucking around ikea for 15min doing both the least and the most? best part of my morning

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