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TWICE's Jeongyeon breaks down in tears over Twice's busy schedules.

The newest installment of TWICE TV showed Jeongyeon and her sister, Gong Seungyeon, shopping for gifts for TWICE's third year anniversary. Then Jeongyeon talking candidly to the camera about how she and the members are struggling under the pressure of so many activities.

A translation of her speech/apology of sorts which starts around 7:20:

We've been preparing for the Arena Tour in Japan, and we've also had to prepare for the upcoming comeback, filming the music video, shooting the jacket photos... We've had numerous things to do so the members are having a pretty hard time. So I wanted to give them strength. I'm sorry to them because it doesn't seem like I can do much. (...) We have to show our smiling selves to the fans, and I feel guilty to them because I haven't really been holding back on showing how hard of a time I've been having.The members are working very hard now so I hope that you can give this comeback a lot of love. I actually suggested to film a choreography version MV for this comeback but the members are having a very hard time so I feel a little sorry for suggesting it. I was sorry because it felt like I was troubling the members. (...) I hope that for the rest of 2018, we'll all be healthy and not fall ill. I hope that our Onces will be healthy too. We'll be Twice forever so I hope Onces will be forever, too.

sources:TWICE's youtube and ediblemomo on twitter for the translation.

This was....incredibly hard to watch. jype has been sitting on this footage since the beginning of October so I hope the fact that they're posting it now (or even posting it at all rather) means that they actually plan on letting up on these girls next year.
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