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KNK to make a comeback next year with a new member

KNK is gearing up for their return!
On December 19, industry representatives reported that the group is preparing to make a comeback next year with a new member.

A representative of KNK confirmed through an official announcement, “Beginning with their upcoming promotions, KNK will be promoting as a five-member group with the addition of a new member. We ask for lots of interest and support for KNK and the new member.”

In September, it was revealed that the group parted ways with YNB Entertainment, and Youjin left due to health concerns.

Regarding Youjin, KNK’s leader Jihun wrote in a letter to fans on December 19, “We still stay in contact with Youjin. I really hope Youjin will live well, and Youjin is also cheering on KNK! I am also still sad, but I hope you all won’t think of it too badly or sadly.”

On their decision to add a member, Jihun explained, “Monitoring our performances, we realized that there is more emptiness felt than expected when performing with four members after always performing with five. This is why we felt that a new member was needed to fill that space, and as a result, we decided on the addition of a new member.”

He shared that he is both worried and excited about how fans will react and revealed, “The new member who will continue with us is a friend that I have been close with since before debut. He is close with all the members, and he is really like family to us!”

Jihun expressed hope for fans to give as much support and love to the new member as they do for the other members.

“Finally, we will work hard promoting as KNK from now on, and as long as our hiatus was, we will impress you more,” he concluded, promising to return soon with a new album.

Wishing all the best for KNK’s new start!

source: naver, soompi
Member Seungjun also legally changed his name to Seoham a few months ago. AnywaysI'm so glad they're coming back and can't wait for the new member
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