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KNK introduce new member Lee Dongwon

KNK has unveiled the identity of its new fifth member!

On December 19, KNK’s leader Jihun announced that a new member would be joining the group for its next comeback. Former member Youjin left the group earlier this year due to health concerns, around the same time that KNK parted ways with YNB Entertainment.

On December 20, KNK officially revealed its newest member to be Lee Dong Won.

A spokesperson for the group stated, “[KNK’s] new member Lee Dong Won, who was already a close friend of the [other four] members, has not only good looks but also a wide variety of charms. We ask that you show a lot of interest and anticipation for KNK, who will be making a fresh start together with Lee Dong Won.”

KNK is currently preparing to make their first comeback with Lee Dong Won in early 2019.

source: naver, soompi,

They may also be heading to the U.S for a tour very soon!
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