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Grazy Grace talks Produce 48 (feat. Alex Christine) and plastic surgery

Produce 48 video summary:

  • Alex Christine was a contestant on the show who finished in 82nd place. She's mixed Korean/White & grew up in America. She's signed to ZB Label and is planning to debut either in a group or solo, late next year hopefully.

  • She was tempted to sit in chair #1 in the beginning but she was worried about what people would think (as she's a foreigner.) For the same reason she didn't try for the center position in her Peekaboo group.

  • She performed Peekaboo with a leg injury despite intense pain and doctors' recommendation to not dance for 2 months

  • Filming took place every day for very long hours. Contestants would often get up around 8 and go to bed around 2 or 3. First day of filming was about 24 hours long with one food break.

  • Contestants had between 1-2 days to learn all the lyrics (Korean & Japanese) & choreo for Nekkoya. The MV and solo cams were filmed over 3 days.

  • Everything was filmed, they were never practicing with the cameras off. Cameras would follow girls who cried.

  • Alex speaks conversational Korean & very little Japanese, but most Japanese trainees knew some English so she could speak with them in "Japanglish". Most Korean & Japanese trainees spoke to each other in English

  • Alex says PD48 success is not necessarily based on looks or talent, but on "who's the most interesting person to watch." She didn't notice any favoritism based on companies. Screentime was very unbalanced, but not for any specific reason; the trainees who got more screentime were from big & small companies.

  • All trainees she met seemed genuine and kind.

  • Some trainees were on strict diets from their companies. Alex had a friend who wasn't allowed to eat (PD48 staff were helping enforce her company's rules) so she brought her food every day.

  • Alex's company asked her to go to a diet clinic and there she was recommended to go from 43 kg (96 lbs) to 35 kg (77 lbs). Seems like she didn't do it.

  • If Alex had to take out one member to put herself in, it'd be Nako (because they're the same height)

  • She would "definitely!" join another survival show, and there is one next year that she's thinking of joining.

  • She's friends with Park Seoyoung & Choi Yena

  • Before becoming a trainee/artist, she planned to study forensic pathology & become a mortician

  • Grace doesn't know how to pronounce IZ*ONE, lol

Plastic surgery video summary:

  • Grace recently got lip fillers, which she chose and paid for. She always felt her thin lips made her look "mean/greedy"

  • When she first joined a company, after a few months they took her to a few different clinics to shop around. The co-president recommended she get a nose job, and she also wanted her jaw done

  • She got the nose job, but never got the jaw surgery and is now thankful for that

  • Few trainees would turn down plastic surgery offered by their company; almost all of them want to be "more beautiful" in hopes of getting the center position

  • No one is forced to get surgery or kicked out if they don't, and often the trainees/artists want it more than the company does. But Grace's company showed favoritism toward the "more beautiful" trainees, which made her want surgery

  • Companies vary; some are very pro-surgery and others are pro-natural. Hers was somewhere in the middle

  • At one point, all the trainees in her company went to a clinic together and were consulted one by one. Even the "most beautiful" trainees were recommended to get work done

  • There are plastic surgery clinics on every street and it's cheaper in Korea. There's little to no stigma about it and few regrets

  • Grace hasn't heard of anyone doing skin bleaching, but "brightening" creams/injections are popular. Older generations are more biased in favor of light skin

  • The most secretive procedure is the fat-reducing injection (in stomachs, thighs, etc)

  • Grace says Koreans don't get surgery to look White/Western

  • In the end, she says: don't judge or bash if you haven't been in their shoes and experienced the pressure, and be careful what you write on the Internet.

Source: YouTube: GRAZY GRACE
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