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Seventeen - Getting Closer MV

source: Seventeen
dropthecrates 20th-Dec-2018 11:20 pm (UTC)
the reactions were really divided when they performed this at mama but i really like it! the choreo is great as usual. woozi has completely abandoned any chill and i feel attacked. i love the styling everyone looks so good but they're all so thin, jun especially this time around :(
juhli 21st-Dec-2018 08:26 am (UTC)
I so agree about Woozi, he has this concept feeding out of his hand!
wafflesnmilk 20th-Dec-2018 11:57 pm (UTC)
this is a little more generic boyband than their usual fare but i dig it, the pom x9 and the choreo have been stuck in my head since mama haha, if this is the pre-release I wonder how similar/different the actual comeback’s direction would be since I imagine they would obviously overlap but to what degree hmm?

(off-topic ish but I have been taking baby steps back into stan twitter and :( at the rift pledis’s shenanigans have caused within the fandom the past week, makes me worried about 2019 since nu’est is back in the roster and the incompetence will only tenfold since they’re obviously understaffed)
weneedmedicine 21st-Dec-2018 12:08 am (UTC)
Seventeens’ title songs/albums are really fun and easy to get into, but this sounds like all the other BG releases this year (generic).
kyulkyung 21st-Dec-2018 12:09 am (UTC)
thanks for linking the vlive, op. (k)carats are boycotting pledis' youtube channel for several reasons, so if people could watch the mv on vlive and vlive only, that'd be great.

being a svt fan has become so exhausting. i understand most of their international fans are very young, but it's no excuse to harass kfans (and ifans who support the boycott) they way they've been doing the past week. contrary to popular belief, pledis has always treated svt and carats like shit and i understand why kcarats are fed up, i am too.

anyway, i've ranted about this enough on twitter, so i'll shut up. the song is still bad, i'm glad it's not a comeback lmao.
juhli 21st-Dec-2018 08:29 am (UTC)
I saw that they also posted the vlive-link instead of the yt one on r/kpop, seems like we carats who are posting are pretty united about this!
dantethetaco 21st-Dec-2018 01:07 am (UTC)
So much... noise. This is the complete opposite of why I like Seventeen. I hope the actual comeback is different from this.
aeipathy 21st-Dec-2018 01:28 am (UTC)
honestly i've researched both sides of the "boycott pledis' youtube account" argument and understand where everyone's coming from, but i think it's only hurting the boys in the long run. the youtube downvotes especially are nagl.

the song is still growing on me but i love the dark concept and mv. everyone looks great, jeonghan's closeups especially killed me.

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horichansenpai 21st-Dec-2018 03:26 am (UTC)
Yeah ia with the first bit, Pledis' shittiness needs to be dealt with but boycotting and taking it out on Pledis' Seventeen uploads just sounds incredibly unproductive to me
jazzygyu 21st-Dec-2018 02:35 pm (UTC)
That’s kinda how I felt about it...I wonder if views count more from YouTube or vlive... if I was sure it wasn’t gonna affect seventeen I’d be down for it
spainawards2008 21st-Dec-2018 08:01 pm (UTC)
whats the boycott about? I'm a casual fan (casual carat, lol)so I have no idea and stan twitter is too scary and confusing for me to brave looking
juhli 21st-Dec-2018 09:01 pm (UTC)
The boycott is about three things:
- Pledis not effectively dealing with sasaengs (there was an incident that blew up one or two weeks ago) and not giving adequate feedback on how they will deal with this issue in the future (seventeen has been having trouble with rule-breaking fansites and sasaengs and Pledis usually only gives lipservice when fans ask about it)
- Staff leaking out info about the boys whereabouts on social media, which gets used by sasaengs
- Pledis suddenly deciding to upload Seventeen MVs on the Pledis YT channel that has a significantly smaller subscriber number (600K i think) compared to the 3 mio SVT has. (I'm not sure if they plan to completely merge the channels).

Somehow the whole thing got twisted in the english-speaking kpop circles that it is only about the Youtube channel, when that was the last (admittedly big) drop in the bucket.
kaykaydelight 21st-Dec-2018 01:41 am (UTC)
Generic boy group noise devoid of SVTs signature sound that could have literally been released by anyone. Don’t know how they went from the masterpiece that is Oh My!, to this.
hpn88 21st-Dec-2018 02:05 am (UTC)
didn't like it at mama and didn't like this either. boo cause i usually enjoy svt songs. hope this isn't the route they are taking - you can do better svt
antrea 21st-Dec-2018 02:45 am (UTC)
didn't even know about the Pledis mess until I did a scroll through the comments section...

anyway I actually quite like this (AND THE CHOREO) a lot!!
horichansenpai 21st-Dec-2018 03:33 am (UTC)
Their dancing is fun to watch as always, song does nothing for me though
minho_lover 21st-Dec-2018 04:38 am (UTC)

adore the song!! adore these guys!! it took a while to grown on me but yea everyone looks great!

the3rdjester 21st-Dec-2018 07:17 am (UTC)
Idk 100% what's happening with Pledis and the boycotting, but I do know that SVT's videos will only be uploaded on Pledis yt channel from now on and that Pledis is a shit company. I also fear that the boycotting will end up hurting the boys (if the views are low and the dislikes are too many on yt, Pledis may use this as an excuse to, idk, perhaps have a bit of a tighter grip on SVT's creativity).

About the song, noooooot feeling it that much and like some have already mentioned it's pretty generic. But, I love the dark concept and the choreo is as always on point. I'd also like to thank Vernon's stylist for putting him in that choker.
juhli 21st-Dec-2018 08:24 am (UTC)
The song is perfect for the performance they are doing, i think they've wanted to try out a darker concept for a while now. Glad they can live it out with this prerelease (or postrelease to Oh My? There are certainly enough callbacks to it)! I do think that they will go with sth different for their comeback though.

I know zero dance terminology but here goes me waxing poetry about the choreo:

The choreo is so intense and tight, i love Mingyu's charisma at the beginning, the slow-locking (?) they do and how the beginning almost looks like it's on double spped. I love how fast AND clean they dance, they are always executing their moves to the full, i'm getting breathless just watching it.

After that i love the canon tumbls they do, that must have been so exhausting to practice. The first time i watched the MAMA performance, i didnt even notice Vernon stepping on two other members.

Also Woozi just has this concept feeding out of his hand, this part is one of my favorites...just beautifully executed.

This part where they jump and then crouch down like this looks so badass to me, it gets me everytime. I wanna guess that Hoshi thought out this move, because there was a move in his dispatch dance where he slowly went down on his knees that gave me the same reaction lol

My second favorite part of the chreo is this whole part with Jun at the center here. The way he is jumping and looking like he's smashing his hand through the ground which in turn "sucks" the others to him almost looks like an anime heh.
So yeah, i'm very much in love and awe of the performance!

Also, i love THIS

Gif credits 1 2 3

Regarding the boycott, it started with unsubscribing from the Pledis channel and not watching seventeen videos on there, i dont know why some people (a minority) suddenly took it a step further with the thumbs down and reporting the video/channel :/
I do think the boycott is a good thing in the end, it's not just about the merging, it's also about the sasaengs and troublesome fansite masters (a thing that has been a problem since seventeens early career, that have been inadequately dealt with Pledis even with the routinely "there will be consequences from now on"-statements we've been getting everytime it bubbled up. Regarding "staff leaking info", i dont think it was intentionally, since sasaengs just stalked everyone who has anything to do with SVT on insta to see if there are any hints about seventeen's whereabouts. The staff just has to be more careful now about these things and post those pics/entries when they are home.

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lydzi 21st-Dec-2018 08:45 pm (UTC)
I didn't knew Seventeen had it so hard with the sasaengs oO I don't even know why I'm surprised...
agjingi 21st-Dec-2018 09:35 am (UTC)


i LOVE mingyu’s intro and boo’s part later in the song but the instrumental sounds kinda empty
I wish the beat from the intro popped up more throughout ugh no drop no life

wonwoo should always have his hair like this lemme live boi so beautiful

the styling and makeup looks in this mv are everything!

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lydzi 21st-Dec-2018 08:40 pm (UTC)
The amount of drama on vlive made me forget to watch properly the mv tbh. I like it ♥ Boys are looking good in black and I love that they are trying new things. They are truly talented.
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