11:57 pm - 12/20/2018

Seventeen - Getting Closer MV

source: Seventeen
wafflesnmilk 20th-Dec-2018 11:57 pm (UTC)
this is a little more generic boyband than their usual fare but i dig it, the pom x9 and the choreo have been stuck in my head since mama haha, if this is the pre-release I wonder how similar/different the actual comeback’s direction would be since I imagine they would obviously overlap but to what degree hmm?

(off-topic ish but I have been taking baby steps back into stan twitter and :( at the rift pledis’s shenanigans have caused within the fandom the past week, makes me worried about 2019 since nu’est is back in the roster and the incompetence will only tenfold since they’re obviously understaffed)
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