11:57 pm - 12/20/2018

Seventeen - Getting Closer MV

source: Seventeen
kyulkyung 21st-Dec-2018 12:09 am (UTC)
thanks for linking the vlive, op. (k)carats are boycotting pledis' youtube channel for several reasons, so if people could watch the mv on vlive and vlive only, that'd be great.

being a svt fan has become so exhausting. i understand most of their international fans are very young, but it's no excuse to harass kfans (and ifans who support the boycott) they way they've been doing the past week. contrary to popular belief, pledis has always treated svt and carats like shit and i understand why kcarats are fed up, i am too.

anyway, i've ranted about this enough on twitter, so i'll shut up. the song is still bad, i'm glad it's not a comeback lmao.
juhli 21st-Dec-2018 08:29 am (UTC)
I saw that they also posted the vlive-link instead of the yt one on r/kpop, seems like we carats who are posting are pretty united about this!
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