11:57 pm - 12/20/2018

Seventeen - Getting Closer MV

source: Seventeen
the3rdjester 21st-Dec-2018 07:17 am (UTC)
Idk 100% what's happening with Pledis and the boycotting, but I do know that SVT's videos will only be uploaded on Pledis yt channel from now on and that Pledis is a shit company. I also fear that the boycotting will end up hurting the boys (if the views are low and the dislikes are too many on yt, Pledis may use this as an excuse to, idk, perhaps have a bit of a tighter grip on SVT's creativity).

About the song, noooooot feeling it that much and like some have already mentioned it's pretty generic. But, I love the dark concept and the choreo is as always on point. I'd also like to thank Vernon's stylist for putting him in that choker.
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