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Flashback Friday

Happy Friday! And thank you to those who sent me good vibes last week lol! The wedding was an indie, rustic, Pinterest dream. It was also on top of a mountain that was only accessible from a dark and winding road in the middle of nowhere, so no open bar for me. Also, I was stuck in the car alone with my mother for 3 hours roundtrip… and yup guys, I’m still a disappointment! Anyways, every week I go through the past charts to look for this day and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we’re going back 10 years to the 3rd week of Wednesday, 2008.

#3 K.Will “Love 119”
I posted the music video in an earlier post, so this time we’ll see a live performance. The original song features MC Mong, but Mighty Mouth is on the stage at this Inkigayo appearance.

#2 Lyn featuring MC Mong “Charisma”
Another song on the chart with MC Mong. He and Lyn were collaborated a few times, featuring on songs for each other. This was a digital single she released, it’s a fun R&B vibe. She sounds good, but that’s really no surprise.

#1 Baek Ji Young “Like Being Shot By A Bullet”
This song always elicits a physical response from me. Deep sighs, cries of pain, throwing myself onto the floor…all very dramatic but I have no choice. It’s that kind of song. I love this song, it will always and forever be my fav from her.

Honorable Mentions

#6 Min Kyung Hoon “One Day”
You may know Min Kyung Hoon as one of the fixed members of Knowing Bros. He was part of a band, and released a lot of solo songs too. This MV appears to be the continuation of a past music video. You know, one of those long K-Drama type of videos where it’s like 9 minutes long. SG Wannabe type lol. But I guess here they broke it into two videos. This is the revenge part. The baddie looks really familiar.

#10 MC The Max “Goodbye To Romance”
Lyn, who is at #2 this week, is married to the band’s lead singer, Lee Soo. I haven’t seen any band releases since 2016, but apparently Lee Soo put out some new solo music last year.

sources: SBS Inkigayo, ClassicKpop427, KBS World TV, AegyoAigoo, Warner Music Korea & bugs
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