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Omona Christmas Playlist 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Whether you’re out doing last Christmas shopping this weekend or chilling at home wrapping gifts this playlist is sure to get you in the holiday spirit.
So for 2018, I present the ultimate highly biased Christmas playlist!

🎄 SM Town - Only Love 🎄

🎄 I miss old smtown albums :( Enjoy seeing your bias’s original face.

🎁 DBSK - First Noel 🎁

🎁 I know we cancelled Y*****n but this is still probably my favorite Christmas cover, ever.

🔔 SNSD - Love Melody 🔔

🔔 The oft-forgotten Soshi carol.

⛄ DBSK - Evergreen ⛄

⛄ Perfect song for cuddling by the fire.

🕯 SNSD - Santa Baby 🕯

🕯 We don’t talk about the Christmas fairy tale version. (Alternatively Sooyoung's version.)

🍪 Twice - Merry And Happy 🍪

🍪 I hope more of you embrace becoming Twice trash. It’s fun.

🧦 Red Velvet - Wish Tree 🧦

🧦 A winter special album>>>RBB

❄ Acoustic Vei - White Christmas ❄

❄ I first heard this on a random tumblr playlist and now it’s a seasonal fave

🦌 F(x) - Wish List 🦌

🦌 Remember when we thought SM was gonna start going right by f(x)?

🎅 J-Min - Happy Xmas (War Is Over) 🎅

🎅 The only version of this song I can tolerate tbh

🎁 Jellyfish Artists - Christmas Time 🎁

🎁Can you tell I’m a sucker for company collabs?

🎄 TTS - I Like The Way 🎄

🎄 The best of TTS if we’re being honest. Tight harmonies and everyone stays in their lane.

🔔 Roy Kim - It’s Christmas Day 🔔

🔔 We love a soft legend!

🤶 SHINee - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 🤶

🤶 *Sigh*

⛄ JYP Nation - This Christmas ⛄

⛄ Can JYP nation be a thing again?

🌟 Heritage & HMC - Merry Christmas Happy Holidays 🌟

🌟 Their album has a more upbeat version, but this always makes me smile like an idiot.

🍪 Laboum - Winter Story 🍪

juhli's picks: Winter Story is a great winter song, along with Lovelyz's Twinkle and April's April Story!

Source: Rivital, SuJuLover99, Platypizz, SoshiJam, TV-People, jypentertainment 1 2, yankat, Jenirus 1 2, Kpop Good Kpop, Pastel Jenna FL, Jellyfishcenter, Mnet Official, |||MVPonew|||, Heritagetv, Official Laboum

Thanks to juhli for the help coding this post!
I’m a Christmas nut, so I’m always open for new recommendations! There’s plenty more where this came from.
Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!
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