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Ben's "180 Degrees" tops charts and is swept up in chart manipulation accusations

Ben's most recent track “180 Degree” has been under suspicion of chart manipulation. Although BEN has previously received love for her music and has charted high before, this is the first time she has been accused of chart manipulation.

Unlike her previous tracks, accusations for “180 Degree” arose due to the song rising on late night charts. As the number of users is lowest late at night, the real-time charts are generally dominated by strong idol fandoms who continue streaming at those times.

The song rose with a similar pattern to tracks like Nilo’s “Pass” and Shaun’s “Way Back Home,” which have both been under suspicion also. “180 Degree” was further accused as the song “Shin Yong Jae” by HAEUN has been rising similarly on charts, and HAEUN is in the same agency as BEN.

Following the accusations, BEN’s agency MAJOR9 released an official statement.

The statement reads, “Due to various malicious comments from malicious netizens, not only the artist, but many fans who support and love the artist are receiving severe psychological pain. The judgment was made that the agency can no longer condone this, so we plan to take strong legal action.”

MAJOR9 continues, “We are gathering data on defamation, the spread of false information, and malicious comments, and we plan on taking rapid legal action without leniency to the malicious actions that are continuing although they can clearly be illegal acts”

“With continuous monitoring and by responding actively, we will do our best to protect the rights of our artist. We ask for unchanging warm encouragement and support. Thank you,” the statement concludes.

source: Genie Music, soompi, naver
Tags: charts, music video
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