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G-dragon's tears were a mistake

It seems like Big Bang G-Dragon didn't cry on purpose after all. Some of you might have thought he had the tears during his performance of Heartbreaker at the SBS Gayo Daejun as an additional detail of the performance but that's not the case. Some other people thought he was crying about all the controversies he went through in 2009.

But those tears had no absolutely no meaning as now there's been clarification on the whole incident. Before he started singing, he was placed in a box with a "G" on it. It came down and he popped out of it as his entrance but in the box, there was so much smoke, that he couldn't help but shed some tears.

He started to tear up because of the smoke but couldn't wipe it before the performance so it looked like he was just sentimental on stage. Then for Gossip Man, he wiped off the tears and finished the song.

So there you have it. G-Dragon is not a cry baby. But to be honest, the tears made his performance more memorable. Remember to visit the BBVIP Forums.

credit: allkpop

it's what everyone thought but i dunno.. where did allkpop get this? (im a noob at finding original articles) did GD say this himself? it also doesn't explain his onstage sniffing.. unless that's what happens when smoke goes up your nose?
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