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Young actor Wang Suk-hyun was threatened to death by a male fan in the 30s

On December 26, Wang Suk-hyun’s agency released an official statement regarding a recent incident involving the actor.

On December 20, the convict called Wang Suk-hyun’s school and agency. The man, who introduced himself as a member of “Firearm Distributors Association,” threatened the actor to death.

After the investigation, however, “Firearm Distributors Association” didn’t turn out to exist. The man, who called from a phone booth in Daejeon, was soon arrested in Seongnam.

During the Police investigation, the convict said, “I’ve been a longtime fan of Wang Suk-hyun and I threatened him because he refused to meet me.”

Wang Suk-hyun’s agency Lionheart Entertainment released an official statement, relieving fans that the actor is in safe hands.

“The actor is now refraining from leaving home,” said the agency. “His manager will accompany him all the time and we will contact a private bodyguard agency as well. We will do every possible thing to protect the artist.”

Wang Suk-hyun debuted in 2008 in the movie, “Scandal Makers.” After 5 years of rest, the child actor returned to the entertainment industry this year by making a cameo appearance in the drama “30 But 17.”

source: KPopLove via Korea Daily
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