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Flashback Friday

Happy Friday everyone! And it’s the last Flashback Friday of the year! Every week I go through the past charts for this day and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, let’s check out who was on top for the 4th week of December, 2014.

#3 Apink “LUV”
That chorus is catchy, I can hear the fan chants in my head. They all look sooo pretty! This is basically my winter wardrobe: no pants, just throw a sweater on and hope I don’t freeze lol. I like all their outfits here, with the exception of the polka dots. I hated it 4 years ago, and I still don’t like it now.

#2 EXID “Up And Down”
Ahhh, the song that changed everything for them. Well, I guess more specifically a Hani fancam that changed everything lol. The song and that dance were EVERYWHERE after that fancam blew up. Remember how they were hustling so hard that their shoes started to fall apart and their outfits got worn out? I don’t think I’ve seen the MV since then, they look so cute and all this choreography came back to me lol.

#1 Yoon Mirae featuring Tiger JK & Bizzy “Angel”

This was Queen Tasha’s first solo in 3 years, and it flew to the top of the charts. She looks so gorgeous and I love her outfits here so much. Some of the visuals are so nice, I would print them and frame them up in my house. Especially the last one. If you want to feel like a senior citizen, Jordan is 10 now! 10 freaking years old!

Honorable Mentions

#5 Dynamic Duo & Lena Park “SsSs (Sing Sung Saeng Sung)”
For some reason the official MV is only about a minute and a half long, so here’s a live stage with the full song. This song is a real vibe. Lena sounds so good! Not a surprise, I know. But those high notes in the second verse! Complete with spirit fingers lol! Not only did they collaborate for a song together, they followed it up with a joint concert a few weeks later.

#7 G-Dragon & Taeyang “Good Boy”
It took me YEARS to get into this. Like, maybe just last year lol. The first time I heard it live, the crowd went off and I looked around the arena like “really? this song? what the fuck you guys?” ahahaha. It’s still not a fav, but now I don’t mind it. However, I do love that GDYB finally got their official debut after 14 years. Hey, remember how GD got all emotional and cried at his BFF’s wedding earlier this year? I’ve been thinking of that all day now. I shall now retreat down a black hole of baby Big Bang videos and wallow in feelings.

sources: 1theK 1 2, EXID_OFFICIAL, KBSKpop, BIGBANG & mnet
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