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First swine flu victim of the year: Younha

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On the 31st of December, Younha had shown signs of an ordinary cold but it seems to have evolved into more. On January 1st, Younha began to have massive headaches and body pains when suddenly she collapsed, and was immediately taken and admitted into the Seoul University Medical Center.

An official said, "Currently her throat is very sore and her coughing is very severe. They've extracted her blood to run tests and she's quite exhausted. The hospital says that there's a chance that it is swine flu and she's already been treated with the Tamiflu, and as of now we're watching carefully over her health." Younha's tests results are to be finished and revealed by the evening of January the 1st.

With this sudden admittance into the hospital, Younha will not be able to perform her song We Broke Up Today on today's New Year's Day episode of Music Bank.

source: allkpop

Tags: health, younha
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