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K-Pop songs with questionable lyrics: Part 3

Part 3 of a series where I highlight side-eye worthy lyrics in our favorite songs. For Part 1 click here, Part 2 here.


Artist/Song: San Eww (feat. Bumkey) - Body Language
Written by: San Eww (possible Bumkey as well?)
Lyrics: The song is basically a sex anthem and was pretty successful. I wasn't sure if it really belongs in here, but some of the lines are pretty creepy and definetely side-eye worthy. "Like a tiger, I will violate you tonight / I’ll be the teacher, you’ll be the student, I’m gonna progress faster / Now, it’s English time, today’s word to learn is slave / Just like a slave, don’t say anything but just answer either no, yeah / You look cute in streetwear, businesswear, even a school uniform"

Artist/Song: F.Cuz - Mine
Written by: ? (so nugu I couldn't find the songwriter)
Lyrics: This song was suggested by user yejun in the last post. It's hard picking only a few lines to showcase how bad it is because the whole song is disgusting and whoever wrote it should be ashamed for the rest of his life. "If you wanted to say that you loved me, you’d still need my permission / You can’t do anything I’m control your mind / Whatever anyone says, you’re mine / I’m better than the other men / Don’t even breathe without my permission / Your everything is mine, even your bright smile is mine / Your rough breath is mine, even your tears are mine"

Artist/Song: Winner - Don't Flirt
Written by: Sung Hwak Cho, Ham Seung-cheon, Kang Wook-jin, Song Min-ho, Lee Seung-hoon
Lyrics: Suggested by youtubelargo, this song is another example of insecure men telling their girl not to interact with other oppas. "Don’t flirt, every day I’m nervous because of you / Don’t flirt, honestly, you’re too much / I pray again today that some guy won’t steal you away / I pray again today that you won’t be taken away by someone else / Why do you always have so many oppas? / You say you’re friends but have no other explanation / You say you’re meeting an unni but why is your phone off? / You put on thick makeup and say you’re going to a friend’s house? I can’t believe it / Why is your skirt so much shorter today?"

Artist/Song: 2PM - 10 out of 10
Written by: J.Y. Park "The Asiansoul"
Lyrics: 2PM's debut song (which was released 10 years ago, can you believe it) was all about rating a girl based on her looks. "Her lips are tasty, lips are tasty, 10 points out of 10 / Her legs are gorgeous, legs are gorgeous, 10 points out of 10 / Her waving hair, her waving hair, 10 points out of 10 / Everything from her head to toes, 10 points out of 10"


Artist/Song: U-Kiss - Stalker
Written by: Maxx Song
Lyrics: As the title suggests, the boys of U-Kiss sing about stalking their crush without her knowledge. "In this pitch black night / I wake again / Again, I visit the woman / Who stole my heart / Get a little closer like a shadow / Just so she wouldn’t notice / The moment I’m reflected in your eyes / I disappear / The moon shines on her / And I follow, Stalker / Wherever it is / I will only follow you / I am a wandering Traveller"

Artist/Song: Beatwin - Stalker
Written by: ?
Lyrics: Looks like the Stalker concept is a favorit among K-Pop groups, cause just like U-Kiss the boys of Beatwin also have a song with the same title. "Can’t you like me too? / Can’t you think of me as soon as you open your eyes in the morning too? / All day, I think about you, it’s so unfair / Make her want to hug me too / Make her keep thinking of me too / But I’m not a nice guy / I’m the greatest villain, joker / Some people call me Stalker / You’re mine / Don’t ever go anywhere / I’m the director, you’re the star / A romantic thriller"

Artist/Song: History - Psycho
Written by: ?
Lyrics: Suggested by edanz_castle. The boys of History also wanted to try their hands at a Stalker concept, giving their song the fitting name "Psycho". "When the looking eyes are asleep / I’ll come get you / Did you think it would be over if you ended it? / You mistook me / I’ll treat you well, I know, go / Don’t say you hate me, you don’t mean it / (cuz) You’re gonna like this play / This romantic thriller, we will laugh in the end / It’s because I love you / Yes, a bad guy, a guy you hate, a crazy guy / You can call me whatever you’d like"

sources: youtube 1theK 1, 2, 3, U-Kiss, jypentertainment, ioanna ralla, cloudiie
Tags: 2pm, bumkey, f.cuz, history, nugu, omona discussion, san e, sexism, trigger warning, u-kiss, winner
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