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Brothers respond to Media Line Ent.'s refutal about assault case + former staff members react

First, ex-member of The EastLight Sagang, who backed the agency in the press conference a few days ago (Omona post) and refuted claims of the brothers Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun, made an instagram post:

The shared video is a scene from MBC’s “A Pledge to God” in which the main character played by Han Chae Young says, “To fabricate the truth, one has to cut the context. Currently, we call this the devil’s editing in our world.”

This quote is followed up by the question, “If that video was fabricated, then why were you silent? Isn’t silence consent?” Han Chae Young’s character replies, “When lies are everywhere, the truth becomes weaker. However, truth is a bare face. A lie is just trying to cover that. The bare face will eventually come forward.”

The post has been gaining more attention as Jung Sa Gang, along with The East Light member Lee Eun Sung, CEO Kim Chang Hwan, and Lee Jung Hyun, recently attended a press conference refuting claims by Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun.

At the conference, Jung Sa Gang and Lee Eun Sung claimed that they hadn’t known that the siblings were suing Kim Chang Hwan and Moon Young Il. Jung Sa Gang mentioned, “My heart hurt at the reports that are different from the truth.”

Lee Eun Sung also liked the message Jung Sa Gang posted, expressing his agreement. Jung Sa Gang and Lee Eun Sung seem to be of the opinion that the siblings’ claims were exaggerated.

Furthermore, Jung Sa Gang’s post has stirred up a debate.

Some commenters supported his actions and said, “The truth will eventually come out. I support you,” “Thank you for being brave,” and “I will support so that the truth will be revealed.”

However, many netizens also criticized Jung Sa Gang and said, “Don’t play with your members like this,” “This doesn’t seem right,” “Jung Sa Gang, please don’t become a perpetrator.”

Lee Seok Cheol's side meanwhile responds to further claims made by Media Line Ent. (they released another statement to the press, post-press conference), including the suggestion of abuse by their father. Their lawyer basically states that the agency should stop with the media play and submit their evidence to the police if they have sth to say.

Previously, on December 26, Media Line Entertainment held a press conference with CEO Kim Chang Hwan, Lee Jung Hyun, and former The East Light Members Jung Sa Gang and Lee Eun Sung, in which they refuted the claims made by brothers Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun. The CEO said the members of The East Light knew that they would receive physical punishment when having done something wrong, and that the parents were also aware. Lee Eun Sung and Jung Sa Gang also gave statements during the press conference, saying how close they are to the CEO and that the reports thus far have not been true.

In Media Line’s following press release on December 28, the agency asks Lee Seok Cheol’s side to “stop exaggerating and distorting the truth with lies.”

Media Line said:

From the moment the press reported on this matter, we’ve consistently taken moral responsibility regarding the actions of our employees. Due to concern for further harm to the brothers Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun as well as the other members of The East Light, we refrained from responding through press. However, the plaintiff’s side, who has been speaking to press since the beginning, is saying that we’re making false claims with no facts.

The agency added that they haven’t violated the rights of their artists, and simply did everything they could to care for them. Media Line went on to claim that Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun’s father knew and kept quiet about Moon Young Il’s abuse, and expressed their suspicions that the brothers were being abused by their father, as well.

On why they held a press conference so long after the initial reports of abuse, the agency said that they submitted plenty of evidence to support their claims during police investigation, but that what was said by Lee Seok Cheol’s side in the press was already being presented and accepted as truth.

Media Line’s claim that Lee Seok Cheol’s father abused the brothers was denied by the father, who said in an interview with Xportsnews that it’s not true. He asked that Media Line produce evidence to support their claims and revealed that he plans to sue for defamation.

Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun’s side also responded via their legal representative:

We are asking Media Line Entertainment to stop the press war with indiscriminate claims and documents and to submit any statements and evidence to investigative authorities.

Regarding Media Line’s [December 26] press conference, we’ve expressed that they should submit evidence if they have any to prosecutors, who are currently investigating the matter. Considering that there were no facts discussed during the press conference, but rather false claims, we previously released a bare minimum rebuttal.

Today, Media Line once again sent out another press release and documents to the media refuting our claims. This is an attempt to influence the investigation with indiscriminate claims and documents released through press, and it’s incredibly unjust.

On the claims made during Media Line’s [December 26] press conference, we are preparing a detailed rebuttal, and will be submitting it to prosecutors, in addition to a rebuttal made regarding Media Line’s additional claims made today [December 28]. Following, Media Line should stop trying to influence the investigation through the press and simply submit necessary statements or evidence to prosecutors.

Additionally, while Moon Young Il was to be detained until December 29, we have confirmed that the arrest has been extended by 10 days (until January 8, 2019). As a result, whether or not the suspects will be indicted will be determined in early January. (Omona post)

Thank you.

Now, former Media Line Ent. / The EastLight's marketing team employees updated the bio for The EastLight's IG saying that they don't care about the company disagreeing with members who have ended their contracts and will share all 120 pieces of evidence to show the truth to the public. They shared an audio clip of Lee Seok Cheol's father and Moon Young Il PD to show that the assault happened without the CEO's knowledge.

Audio of Lee Seok Cheol's father and Moon Young Il PD's phone call

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