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OMONA Predictions 2018: the reveal + share your predictions for 2019!

12 months ago, I asked the members of this community to take a look at their crystal balls and predict what would go down in K-Pop in 2018. After a crazy year full of wi & arae it's time to see which predictions came true, partly true or not true at all!

Don't forget to share your predictions for 2019 in the comments!

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Happy 2019, OMONA!

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daynr 31st-Dec-2018 02:46 am (UTC)
I'm being contrarian, but hyuna and hyoyeon stay together. And she has a very successful comeback.

They may be a bit much right now (fix your eyebrow color!) but f*ck it and show the world a kpop couple can rise!!!!

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yoonjeonghan 31st-Dec-2018 03:15 am (UTC)
i love my lesbian couple hyuna and hyoyeon
spainawards2008 31st-Dec-2018 02:55 am (UTC)
~Hyuna and EDawn break up
~Saturday gain increasing popularity
~Weki Meki 1st win
~YG doesn't make it through all of BlackPink's solos
revedesnuages 31st-Dec-2018 03:11 am (UTC)
-TWICE dating scandal
-new girl group will win music show and have national hit
-one of 2pm will announce engagement
-Stray Kids won’t win a music show but their international fandom will grow even more
-GOT7 grows in popularity in the US

-NCT Vision will be very popular in China, members will go on Chinese variety and travelling shows
-EXO solo but it won’t be Baekhyun or Kai, someone unexpected. Suho? Sehun?
-another Super Junior scandal
-more members of SNSD leave
-SM won’t announce f(x) disbandment, their contracts will expire, only one member will re-sign with SM and they’ll release some vague statement about still being a group despite being at different companies

-teasers of Blackpink’s US debut will be revealed, but no songs released
-another Big Bang or iKon scandal
-Soohyun will release a single feat. Lee Hi

-BTS dating scandal, but not exposed by Dispatch, it’ll be exposed by foreign press or one of the members will accidentally upload a couple selfie on twitter
-Lee Hyun leaves Bighit
-New boygroup will be praised for vocals
-Jin will have small cameo role in drama
-one of maknae line will release a mini-album (not mixtape) and have solo promotions, fans will buy it but complain about how it’s unfair to Hyung line

-(G)I-dle will surpass 100k in album sales
-another inter-company dating scandal
-Pentagon will win on a music show
-a CLC member will leave

-Sunmi and Hyuna year end stage
-a Kpop group will have a billboard top 5 hit in collaboration with a Western artist, but it won’t be BTS, Monsta X, NCT GOT7 or Blackpink
-boy group member will reveal to be secretly married for a year
-girl group member will withdraw from group and announce pregnancy/engagement
-a CEO or famous director will be accused of sexual harassment and will be tried in court
-another American remake of a k-drama, but will still flop
rockerista03 31st-Dec-2018 06:17 am (UTC)
one of 2pm will announce engagement

My money's on Nichkhun
xlovexlessxtyx 31st-Dec-2018 03:21 am (UTC)
2019 Predictions...

- Hyuna and E’dawn breakup is coming. But we won’t find out about it for a while, maybe even 2020. But they’ll keep up the couple facade because they both need the press it garners, bad or good.
- Weki Meki gets their first win.
- Pristin disbands but Pristin V has a comeback.
- Once the ink is dry, Kyla releases a YouTube video detailing her exit from Pristin and the disbandment. She gives no fucks and we cheer her on for it.
- Blackpink solo rollouts continue. None reach the success of ‘Solo’ but the masses pretend Lisa’s solo debut is better than it actually is.
- Blackpink has a comeback, not a full EP, but English versions of the title and English versions of their previous lead singles. An American debut is heavily implied, but never comes to fruition.
- Twice US tour. Possible English cuts of Yes Or Yes, What is Love, Likey, Signal, TT and Cheer Up. Everyone questions why LOA was omitted.
- Two more EXID comebacks. One goes viral for unintended reasons, but continues to benefits the groups success.
- three comebacks for WJSN, their fall comeback is heavy duty, but doesn’t chart as well as they hope. Possible music show win.
- A very popular older idol comes out as an avid advocate for mental health and wellness. I’m feeling like an SM girl.
- An LGBT+ scandal, with evidence, hits a popular male group. Gets swept under the rug with shocking ease. Makes international headlines and a becomes a conversation piece for lots of news sites that normally don’t cover the Koop/Idol scene.
- Sunmi continues to release bops, possible collaboration with a male and female idol. Not Hyuna. (I love their friendship, but her management isn’t going to risk the negative press working with Hyuna might garner from the public.)
- We find out why Jay Park left 2PM, it’s not as exciting as any of us think it us and it’s probably JYP’s fault.
- A surprising amount of groups collab with B-grade American artists, and worse, influencers.
- American acting debut for Tiffany. She hustles it, does a ton of guest spots on different shows and a possible recurring role on a primetime comedy. She’s building for a very successful 2020 in America and South Korea.
- Official 2am & 2pm disbandment.

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juhli 31st-Dec-2018 08:56 am (UTC)
the masses pretend Lisa’s solo debut is better than it actually is.

You're killing me
evilcoc0nut 31st-Dec-2018 04:54 am (UTC)
I predicted Hyunseung would go to the military without a comeback and that happened lol. My only prediction at the time.

ETA - lmao and like 90% of these here are clearly ppl's personal wishes

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wafflesnmilk 31st-Dec-2018 05:42 am (UTC)
Kyuhyun returns from his extended leave for frolcking around at concerts the army, has midlife crisis because his variety popularity has dropped off a cliff and put out a dance comeback.
rockerista03 31st-Dec-2018 06:16 am (UTC)
Ooh I've never done this before. Here are my predictions:

-BTS dating scandal (come thru Suga/ADORA dating rumours tbh)
-Weki Meki bags their first win
-Blackpink will probably have one comeback, the solos will all come through, but the inconsistencies in comeback schedules will probably piss off Blinks even more (aren't they already boycotting YG...?); the girls will do great with the fashion spreads, CFs and endorsements; Lisa would continue releasing dance videos for YGX Academy
-(G)I-DLE will keep growing; frustrated Blinks might (emphasis on might) migrate to Idle while BP are in the dungeon (and effectively piss off YG lol)
-SM x JYP x YG collab but it's not so much a song or single (probably a dance collab? Maybe between Ten, Lisa, and BamBam?)
-Got7 and Monsta X continue to grow in the US and Europe; Jooheon or I.M. bags a collab with a Western hip-hop artist; Jackson bags a gig for an American TV show
-NCT 127 gains bigger traction in the US, but NCT Vision does extremely well
-Lucas becomes a regular for two more variety shows lol
-A BTS member will be in a drama; possibly Taehyung's drama comeback?
-Hyuna and E'Dawn will split
-An idol/actor would be in a fraud scandal
-CL finally leaves YG; re-signs with Scooter
-f(x) might actually have a comeback this time
-TVXQ and BoA will probably not make any more comebacks for the next two years because they're busy in Japan lol
-Unlikely but Ji Hansol goes back to SM
-Seventeen will be in the running for Album of the Year and Artist of the Year
-B.I writes another hit; iKON will win Song of the Year for the second year in a row
-A rap collab between L.E., Moonbyul and Soyeon, directed and produced by Yoon Mirae
-Dean, Zico, and Crush to give us Bermuda Triangle 2.0

Also just a personal wish but Keone Madrid, Brian Puspos, and Rie Hata to continue working with BTS lol (especially for Rie Hata to continue giving us gems like Mic Drop, Airplane Pt. 2, BoA's Nega Dola and RV's Bad Boy)
lydzi 31st-Dec-2018 11:14 am (UTC)
I didn't knew ADORA and omg, I LOVE HER. A female producer? Makng those hits? Yes!!! Stanning right away ♥♥♥

I love how everyone is predicting that (G)-Idle is going to kill it. I have confidence in those girls 💖✨
shawarmafordays 31st-Dec-2018 07:21 am (UTC)
My predictions:

Seulgi gets the solo debut we're all waiting for and kills it
JoyRene start doing more acting roles
Yeri gets cast in a sitcom and becomes an IT girl
One of the EXO members drop a solo album (money is on Baekhyun or Chen)
Hyoyeon becomes a famous DJ
F(x) will release an album to promote their 10th anniversary but no promotions
NCT China hits it big and SM learns from the mistakes they made from EXO-M (rip)
Leeteuk will be exposed as a lecherous old man
We get another OhGG mini-album after the good results this year got
Tiffany will become popular after her album drops and we even get her cast in a drama/comedy series
Actor Sehun becomes a thing and he becomes a popular actor
Kyungsoo wins a huge prize at drama awards

New BG will be very different from BTS musically
Someone from BTS will be in a dating scandal (money is on Yoongi / Jin / Jhope)
BTS will slowly start branching into solo work
Jin gets cast in an indie movie or in an indie role and gets hype
Taehyung finally plays the villain and fulfills my lifelong dream
AGUST D Pt. 2 finally drops (we know YG has the tracks prepared)
BTS do a very different concept next year and won't come back till March-April
New boy group's promotions will overlap with BTS
Rise of Producer Min
RM gets more features in K-hip hop artists and does a song with Dean

Kpop news in general:

MAMAMOO members will release a solo album (have a feeling its either Hwasa or Wheein)
A very big idol couple changes everything for K-pop (particularly falling in vein with HyunDawn)
Pristin V becomes a permanent group
Pinky moves to China
JYP's new GG hits it big and becomes the next Miss A without the Suzy effect
Loona gets a big hit in Korea
Blackpink's first album gets stuck in developmental hell, we get the teasers and snippet but something happens and YG pulls the plug
G-IDLE will become a monster rookie and come for every girl group's crown particularly BP
We will see a rise of idol actors in 2019 and unconventional dramas
A prominent idol will get caught in a massive scandal that will open the floodgates for hell
Got7 will continue to grow and become a popular idol group (similar to 2PM in their heyday)

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xlovexlessxtyx 31st-Dec-2018 09:43 am (UTC)
Gurl. The floodgates of hell? 😂😂😂
camouflagecat 31st-Dec-2018 08:12 am (UTC)
I can never come up with good predictions. Umm,

- Jackson will release music that his usually naysayers will actually like, but he'll have a collab that will gather major side-eye

- Park Jinyoung will take SK by storm and become the Nation's Love that he deserves!!!

- GOT7 will do a sexy concept in SK (I'm just willing this into existence) with a title written by a member and it will do very well

- BTS has a(nother) collab with a foreign artist that no one saw coming

- another case of a new idol will and a veteran idol being in a relationship

- a popular/famous bg will get into a scandal overseas

- someone unexpected shows their ass/puts their foot in their mouth/done goofed

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carmine_pink 31st-Dec-2018 08:24 am (UTC)
I predict NCT will have its first major hit in Korea but it won't be from 127. Probably a publicly-loved ballad/OST from Doyoung or Taeil, boosted by an appearance in Masked Singer or Immortal Songs. Due to the success a permanent vocal unit will be in the works.

Since Lucas will be mostly in China, Johnny and/or Yuta will be pushed for that hilarious foreigner role in variety shows. SM will finally realize Jaehyun has that face and push him into acting, where he will become the new Cha Eunwoo. Jeno and/or Jaemin will star in a popular school drama. Dream gets an Etude House CF.
mc1a 31st-Dec-2018 08:45 am (UTC)
My only prediction is re Twice and BTS dating scandals: we finally find out why Jeongyeon hates Jimin so much (my opinion is they dated in 2016 but he dumped her hard so now she’s pissy about it. maybe they still hooked up in 2017 but no commitment from his side. sis, it’s been over a year, he’s not worthy, move on)
baekpedaling 31st-Dec-2018 10:13 am (UTC)
Jeongyeon hates Jimin?
sforza 31st-Dec-2018 09:28 am (UTC)
what I want:
+ ot8 SNSD comeback that's handled well, and maybe some interactions with Jessica???
+ TWICE get enough rest and breaks, and when they do have comebacks, Momo and Sana aren't made to use their aegyo singing voices and Dahyun gets some decent singing lines

what I predict:
+ none of that will happen.

I just want everyone to be as healthy and rested as possible, doing their best, and having the best possible time :c

I feel like maybe this year we could finally see a lot of official disbandments of older groups, perhaps. we shall see!
glasses 31st-Dec-2018 09:29 am (UTC)
exo disbands

jks but lay will definitely leave.
belintuchiha 31st-Dec-2018 06:58 pm (UTC)
From your mouth to God’s ears!!! Now that he said he will try living happily and do what he wants without caring what people say, I do hope he leaves.
gathyou 31st-Dec-2018 10:09 am (UTC)
Let's try this!

- No ot8 release despite the girls hinting at it, but a successful Oh!GG mini album
- This time Taeyeon's solo get well promoted by SM and does really well. Also, more solo activities for the girls. Hyo does well with her DJ gigs, Seo comes back to music, Soo release at least another single and have good acting gigs, Sunny gets casted as host on a variety show, Yuri is back to acting, Yoona has opportunities in China. Tiffany's album does decently and opens opportunities for her (maybe something on Netflix?)
- Jessica gets a new mini album out and starts to break away from her Disney princess sound in bsides (one can only hope)
- Red Velvet slows down for more solo activities, Joy is still pushed as an actress, Wendy solo debut (with people answering : "where is Seulgi?"), Irene still does well with CF and Yeri starts having her own opportunities.
- The new GG debut with a SNSD-lite concept and does moderately well but not as much as people expected. Comeback does much better tho
- EXO gets solo debuts and enlistments, hopefully a DO solo too
- NCT China finally. Strong hints at another NCT but nothing comes of it yet
- Maybe a new guy joins NCT Dream?

- Pentagon struggles a bit post-EDawn but has okayish success
- The new boy group does really well (like Idle) and Universes freak out a bit
- CLC do an early 19 comeback, a little better success than Black Dress but not much. Solo activities after that + subunit centered on Seungyeon
- Idle keeps doing well
- EDawn produces Hyuna's solo comeback and it does well as eveyone is curious about them. No word on Cube or other 4Minute girls but Sunmi is super supportive

- Twice have an ambitious full album comeback with two singles, the main cute one who is a smash on Korean charts and a fierce one which flops on charts but makes ifans go crazy
- New GG is successful with the girl crush concept Twice doesn't have/isn't successful with, chaos follows in fandoms

- Lisa uploads more dance videos ans YG pretends it's her solo project (while Rosé gets a pop/rock solo and Jisoo something more pop and visual-focused). Pairing this with a weird release pattern and all hell break loose
- The new YG GG doesn't debut in 19
- Happyface wins their lawsuit
- Dreamcatcher gets a full album and another world tour, still successful in their niche
- Loona's company resolve whatever issue they have a plan great promotions throughout the year with Hi High's follow up, XXYX, another full group comeback to close the storyline/move on to other stories, and a new subunit in the fall. I can see them doing showcases abroad too.
- GWSN keeps growing with a successful comeback
- Momoland doesn't release Bboom Bboom 3.0 and it's successful in Korea but ifans will call it a flop for some reason
- AOA probably disband :(
- Weki Meki and WJSN keep slowly rising up with good songs. I hope Gugudan has a success with a Not That Type follow up but I can see them loosing fans as well :( Pristin disband and most of the girls redebut with a more hard hitting concept that does well along ifans but not much kfans
belintuchiha 31st-Dec-2018 07:00 pm (UTC)
Dreamcatcher did say they’d be going to another world tour this 2019!
lily_of_west 31st-Dec-2018 11:31 am (UTC)
iKON continue to prosper, release more music and finally all members get solo gigs be it music, mc-ing or acting. I can see them releasing another huge hit if not several. Their fandom expanding as they rightfully so deserve. YG promoting them properly. In Hanbin we trust amen 🙏🏻
CL leaving YG (her conctract ends this year I think) and finally being free to release music. Waiting for All in just for the video and her and Vic Mensa looking like a hot af couple tbh.
Hayi also bouncing after contract expires.
Blackpink, Rose getting a solo defo possibly even Jisoo too if not that then acting gigs. Lisa getting some endorsement and more dance videos (honestly don’t see her having a solo).
EXO continue release quality albums
EXO x iKON interaction in some way be it a collab/stage/variety. 🙏🏻
GFriend getting back to the success they started with (they deserve it)
Irene releasing a bop 🙏🏻
CLC finally getting a hit (they also deserve it and are u underrated af)
BigBang coming back in some way or form

More wishes than predictions but hey

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