10:43 pm - 12/30/2018

OMONA Predictions 2018: the reveal + share your predictions for 2019!

12 months ago, I asked the members of this community to take a look at their crystal balls and predict what would go down in K-Pop in 2018. After a crazy year full of wi & arae it's time to see which predictions came true, partly true or not true at all!

Don't forget to share your predictions for 2019 in the comments!


  • BTS will become even more successful, have a world tour and actually visit Europe. I think it's safe to say that 2018 was the most successful year in their career and now the whole world knows who BTS is.

  • Onew will join the military. He did!

  • Wanna One will have to deal with a scandal. They had their fair share of scandals this year, from allegedly saying the n-word to Kang Daniel saying that he pooped in the morning on a livestream.

  • Seungri will have a comeback and slay everyone and their mothers. Little Panda came back and dropped a certified bop.

  • BLACKPINK will actually release more than one song at a time and get a lightstick that isn't a fucking water bottle. BP made it out of the dungeon this year but only for one single comeback with a mini album. But hey, at least they gave us the most creative lightstick that K-Pop has ever seen.

  • Hyolyn revitalizes her career. She did and she delivered bop after bop.

  • Cosmic Girls get their first win on a music show. "Save Me, Save You" managed to grab the number 1 spot on The Show!

  • EXO-CBX will have a successful comeback. They all wanted to be our boyfriends.

  • Solji starts to promote with EXID again. She finally came back after 2 long years.

  • One idol dating scandal that shook all fandom. I think that counts for Hyuna X E'Dawn and the mess that followed, right?

  • Fiestar disbands. No surprise, I guess.


  • Exo's next full album will contain Lay's vocals. He did appear on their new album, but only on one song and only on the chinese version of "Tempo".

  • Monsta X will become more popular. I'm not too sure about this? They didn't land a huge hit this year but they're doing well in Korea and also had a world tour and performances in the US and Europe.

  • Loona flops. Uhh, kind of? They finally debuted after 84 years but failed to make it big.


  • f(x) will disband this year. Didn't happen.

  • After School will make their long-awaited comeback. Nope, we're still waiting for that.

  • Infinite's nonexistent comeback will get delayed yet again. Not true! The boys made their comeback only a few days into the new year with "Tell Me".

  • BTS will have a dating scandal. I know y'all are waiting for this, but it didn't happen this year.

  • Astro will become more successful and get their first win on music shows. While Cha Eunwoo continues to be one of Korea's It boys, his band is still trying to hit it big.

  • Lay leaves EXO. I know we predict this every year, but as of today he is still officially a member of EXO... at least on paper.

  • Lee Hi will release a new album. Sis is still in the dungeon.

  • Hyuna & Jo Kwon will form the new Troublemaker subunit. Na, didn't happen. Instead, Hyuna left Cube and Jo Kwon for the Army.

  • Sooyoung will get married. She is still dating her actor BF but so far, no announcement of her getting married.

Happy 2019, OMONA!

belintuchiha 31st-Dec-2018 02:38 am (UTC)
It's not a prediction but a wish.
Hope BEG's comeback gets more attention.
People always talk about them here and there but whenever they come back, they ignore them again and then cry about people ignoring them lol
lightframes 31st-Dec-2018 03:11 am (UTC)
Justice for Brave New World
belintuchiha 31st-Dec-2018 03:12 am (UTC)
I know right? They’re always ahead of their time!
revedesnuages 31st-Dec-2018 03:16 am (UTC)
I hope so too! I predict it’ll be another amazing MV and I will enjoy the album enough to buy it.
baekpedaling 31st-Dec-2018 04:13 am (UTC)
Is that a real live picture of Tao? It looks like a hq drawing
belintuchiha 31st-Dec-2018 04:55 am (UTC)
Yes, it is! I made the icon from it, it's here..
To be honest, he sometimes looks like a manga character in pictures.
baekpedaling 31st-Dec-2018 08:56 am (UTC)
He looks amazing! I miss seeing his face all the time
belintuchiha 31st-Dec-2018 06:50 pm (UTC)
He’s my ultimate bias so you bet I see his face every day lol
His Chinese bar has a Twitter account and they are angels, they sub EVERYTHING for intl fans.
baekpedaling 31st-Dec-2018 07:35 pm (UTC)
Oh really?! Let me go follow them. And i knew I recognized your username, I love Tao stans
belintuchiha 31st-Dec-2018 07:37 pm (UTC)
Haha, yes! Their account is https://twitter.com/BaiduTaoBar

Tao just released a song too! A ballad.
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