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NU'EST W Epilogue Video

"This video is the VCR shown at NU'EST W's Double You Final in December. Before that, we had gotten photocards with flowers in the albums.

The first card has 5 flowers, all yet to bloom. This is NU'EST pre-Produce.
The second card has 3 flowers in bloom, and 1 still a bud. The 5th flower is gone, to bloom elsewhere. This is NU'EST W just after Produce, with Aron yet to shine and Minhyun in Wanna One.
The third card has 4 flowers, all in bloom. This is NU'EST W.

The concert VCR added a 4th picture. Of the 5th flower returning. When NU'EST W becomes NU'EST again. And this was what made LOVEs start chanting "Hwang Minhyun!" after this VCR was shown."

source: Nu'est, Dessidy @ r/kpop
Tags: nuest
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