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MYTEEN's Taevin departures from group, will debut as an actor

Taevin will be leaving MYTEEN.

On December 30, the group’s agency released an official statement to reveal the news.

The statement reads as follows:

Hello. This is Music Works.
First of all, we thank the You”th who always love and cherish MYTEEN.
We are sharing an announcement regarding the future activities of MYTEEN’s eldest Lee Taevin.
Taevin has discussed with us regarding his entertainment industry activities several times until now.
We carefully had lots of conversations for a long time, and respecting Taevin’s opinion that he would like to focus on acting, it was decided that he would conclude activities with MYTEEN.
We sincerely apologize for suddenly sharing unfortunate news with You”th.
We will put in our effort so that MYTEEN and Lee Taevin can all focus on their activities.
Please give lots of encouragement and support for Lee Taevin, who will return as an actor.
Thank you.

source: @soompi, soompi, officialmyteen
Tags: member changes, nugu

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