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Japanese Media "TVXQ Will Disband This Summer"... Three Members' Side States "We Didn't Know That"

Japanese media stated that popular group TVXQ, who has stopped domestic activities due to the legal dispute between some of the members and their agency, will be holding a disbandment concert this summer.

Sport Nippon released information on the 1st that the rift between the members of TVXQ was irreparable and that both Korean and Japanese representatives of the group were preparing for a disbandment.

According to the newspaper, SM Entertainment and Japanese agency AVEX came to an agreement to solve the issue but both sides agreed that disbandment was inevitable. It was also reported that both sides were fixing the group's schedule to accommodate a 'farewell concert' that would be held in both Korea and Japan in June.

Regarding this, the three members' side stated, "We've never heard about this farewell concert," and "At the moment, nothing has been set and both side are still trying to come to an agreement."

On the other hand, TVXQ is planning to release their 29th single 'BREAK OUT!' on the 27th this month and will be releasing their first Best Album on the 17th of next month.

Source: [heraldm]
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lmao, omg, i really love the headlines XD

They are saying they've never even heard of the things mentioned in the newspaper, which means, uhm, it's not true O___O

Status quo: Nothing has been decided.
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