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Chungha dances 100 sec, performs at her showcase and talks about her friendship with Sunmi and IOI

In an interview with news1 ahead of her official return, the singer talked about her friendship with Sunmi and the old members of I.O.I.

Sunmi is like a sister to her, said Chungha. “She really worries for me like an older sister. She gives me food to eat. Whenever I ask her something, she gives me advice and takes care of me, so it’s always comforting.”

She’s also still close with the members of I.O.I. “At MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) this year, I was reminded of when I.O.I first performed together. The members and I talked about it, too.”

Chungha revealed that the I.O.I members were the first to hear her upcoming song. “Doyeon and Yoojung said they wanted to listen again and cheered me on, asking me to make my comeback soon. When my teaser photo came out, Yeonjung made it her profile picture. I was so thankful.”

On the pros and cons of going from a group to a solo act, Chungha said, “It’s all different. In a group, the members each have their position, whether in a song or on a variety show. On a variety show, even if I’m just relaxed, there’s a member that’s good [at what the show wants us to do], so the broadcast ends up really fun.”

The downside is that in order to let the team shine, individual styles have to remain somewhat hidden, said Chungha. “What’s good about being solo is that I can do what I want on stage. On the other hand, I was never strong in variety shows, so those are hard for me.”

source: dingo music, 비몽, naver via soompi

According to another interview, she also has cleared all her debts and wants to have two more comebacks in 2019!
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