7:17 pm - 01/02/2019

"Devilish Joy" breaks promise to pay wages to all cast till end of Dec, JYPE to take legal action

October: "Devilish Joy" Production Company promises to pay unpaid wages by November
December: "Devilish Joy" Production Company says they will pay outstanding payments for cast by December 31st.
Now: JYP Entertainment To Take Legal Action On Song Ha Yoon’s Unpaid Wages For “Devilish Joy”

Previously on December 28, it was reported that actors including Song Ha Yoon and Lee Joo Yeon are still awaiting payment. The production company Golden Thumb Pictures stated that everyone would be paid by December 31.

However, the actors’ agencies revealed that they have still not been paid. In addition to Song Ha Yoon and Lee Joo Yeon, many supporting actors have yet to receive their full payments.

One actor’s agency commented, “Even after the issue of unpaid wages was brought up, zero won has been received so far,” and continued, “It is unclear to the point that we don’t know if the payment can even be received in the future. We cannot maintain our trust when the previous promised dates for payment were not even fulfilled. iHQ, MBN, Dramax, and Golden Thumb are all not taking active action still.”

Song Ha Yoon’s agency JYP Entertainment shared, “We plan on taking all possible legal action including civil and criminal lawsuits against the parties affiliated with the unpaid wages for ‘Devilish Joy.”

The broadcasting company iHQ remarked, “All the wages that have to be paid have been transferred to Golden Thumb Pictures. The wages are contracted between Golden Thumb Pictures and the actors, so it is an issue that has to be settled by Golden Thumb Pictures.”

Media outlets have been unable to come in contact with Golden Thumb Pictures for a response.

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lizanka23 2nd-Jan-2019 06:23 pm (UTC)
for actors does a big part of their wages go to the agency kind of like idols or is it a smaller percentage?
stani_mnt 2nd-Jan-2019 07:17 pm (UTC)
This was my favorite TV show this year and all this messiness behind the scenes makes me sad. Apparently, the actresses were not paid and their companies even had to pay for stuff during filming, but the male lead and another actor were paid just because their label has close ties with the drama's production company.

juhli 2nd-Jan-2019 07:28 pm (UTC)
In regards to the payment of Choi Jin Hyuk, they clarified, “It’s not true that his full payment was given because of a connection with his agency. The reason is just that there was a condition in his contract that he was to receive full payment before the show aired.”

Hoya maybe had a similar clause in his contract....
stani_mnt 2nd-Jan-2019 08:01 pm (UTC)
I think the other actor was the one playing secretary Yang. Hoya wasn't mentioned at all in the article I read but I guess they would have said if he wasn't paid, too.
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