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Actor in bitter legal battle with grandfather over land

The grandfather of actor Shin Dong-wook has started a legal battle against his grandson for the annulment of an inheritance, according to TV Chosun, Wednesday.

The grandfather, 96, reportedly gave a house in Yeoju, Gyeonggi Province, and land to Shin, asking the actor to take care of him until he dies. But he claimed Shin has been out of contact and that the actor's girlfriend sent a notice to him in July demanding he leave the house within two months because she is the owner.

He claims Shin duped him and took a larger area of land than originally promised as well.

Shin denied the allegations through his legal agent on Thursday, saying he asked his grandfather to leave to put him into a sanatorium.

"Grandfather has verbally abused, committed domestic violence and made death threats to family members for a long time ― he even hurt their feelings by ceaselessly filing complaints against them," the legal agent said.

Shin, whose real name is Shin Hwa-shik, debuted as an actor in 2003 and has appeared in several works including tvN drama "Live" in 2018. He has been suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) that causes chronic and extreme pain, mostly in an arm or a leg. The cause remains unknown and there is no cure.

The actor's response:

On January 2, a media outlet exclusively reported that actor Shin Dong-wook’s grandfather claims to be defrauded by his grandchild. According to the report, he, who is now 96 years old, had passed on his land and house with the condition that Shin Dong-wook would do his “filial duty.”

However, the actor allegedly lost contact with his grandfather after obtaining the properties. The grandfather further stated that Shin Dong-wook’s girlfriend sent him a report to evacuate his own house.

To this, Shin Dong-wook’s agency Snowball Entertainment released an official statement, denying the claim against its actor.

“Shin Dong-wook is currently in litigation with his grandfather,” writes the statement. “The registration of property ownership was transferred according to the law and we’re waiting for the fair sentence by from the court.”

The statement went on to mention the actor’s family history, which pointed out the grandfather’s physical and verbal abuse against the family members.

“Claims made by Shin Dong-wook’s grandfather are false,” the statement concludes. “We express regret about the malicious use of media, just in time for his drama’s broadcasting. We will follow proper legal procedures, respecting Shin Dong-wook and his family’s wishes of an amicable solution.”

Shin Dong-wook made an acting comeback through “The Guardians” in 2017 after years of hiatus to treat complex regional pain syndrome, which is a rare disorder that is characterized by chronic, severe pain. He is currently acting in drama “Dae Jang-geum Is Watching.” He also has recently confirmed to star in tvN’s new drama, “Touch Your Heart.”

This is some KDrama type mess.

source: The Korea Times, KPopLove via Joins
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