Emily. (sonicphotonic) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Minwoo injured in a car accident

Minwoo of Shinhwa has suffered injuries from a car accident and is currently hospitalized, according to an acquaintance on 1st January 2010, although the accident happened before Christmas in 2009.

The car he was in, driven by a friend, slipped on icy road and fell 5 meters off of a cliff on the Christmas eve at a ski resort. Minwoo sprained his neck, waist and ankles and is also showing symptoms of concussion and has been hospitalized since the accident with no news on when he will be completely cured. It is lucky that he suffered relatively minor injuries, as the Audi he was in was completely destroyed and others in the car received much more serious injuries such as broken spine and ribs.

At this time, it is very unlikely that he will be able to attend his concert scheduled on 16th and 17th of this month, according to the acquiantance. It was to be his last performance before he goes off to the army for his military service this year.


Was wondering why this hasn't been posted yet. This is so sad! :(
Tags: accident, health, lee minwoo, shinhwa
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