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Ex-Cross Gene member Takuya signs with new company

On January 4, the agency Different Company announced that they have signed an exclusive contract with Takuya.

Different Company is a new management agency that houses actors including Lee Young Jin and Oh Haneui, and it operates both a domestic agent business for a large entertainment company in Japan as well as a business for the IP licensing of original works.

A source from the agency said, “As a management agency, with the foundation of our deep trust with Takuya, we will be wholeheartedly supporting his activities in Korea and Japan in order to show his charm and potential.”

In the future, Takuya is planning to continue being active in various ways in the entertainment industry, including modeling and taking part in variety shows both in Korea and abroad.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver
Tags: cross gene, ex-group members

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