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Seventeen @ 2019 Golden Disk Awards

Seventeen who danced so hard that the stage tiles fell apart

Mingyu's statement

On the red carpet

Bongsang acceptance speech

The rest of Seventeen during A-Teen

(trans.) 💥Seventeen has brought down the golden disk stage💥 Even if you watched it again, sebongies next level of coolness stage🤭 carats, did you all watch it~? This year too, because of carats, we were able to have the honor of receiving the 33rd Golden Disk Awards Album Bonsang 🏆✨ Thank you so much for this gift from carats 💕 (source)

(trans.) Carats hello this is SeungDo (SK&DK) i think it has been a meaningful day because of our Carats. Cos of everyone’s effort filled with love i think we can receive cool award~really thank you Carats😁
Thank you for always supporting us anywhere&giving us strength! Seventeen in the future as well will continue to do music for Carats&live well each day! Our Carats too always be strong&let’s make lots of good moments together!Carats really thank you&love you💗
Everyone worked hard today as well! (source)

Spoiler-fairy Hoshi

Jeonghan and Minhyuk

Daniel and Woozi

Daniel saying he loves Seventeen lol

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Their performance today was so good!
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