1:19 am - 01/08/2019

33rd Golden Disc Awards Day 2 (Album) - Winners & Performances


Album of the Year (Daesang)

Bongsang (Album)
Wanna One, Twice
Seventeen, Jonghyun
Monsta X, GOT7
BTS, Exo

Rookie of the Year (Album)
IZ*ONE, Stray Kids

Best Album

Best OST
Paul Kim

NetEase Music Golden Disc Popularity Award

U+ Idol Live Popularity Award


♫ 1. NU'EST W - Polaris + Deja Vu + Help Me (VLive | VK)
♫ 2. IZ*ONE - Intro + O' My! + La Vie en Rose (VLive | VK 1 2)
♫ 3. Stray Kids - Intro (I am NOT + WHO + YOU) + I am YOU (VLive | VK)
♫ 4. Wanna One Intro + Boomerang (VLive | VK) + Always (Acoustic Ver.) (VLive | VK)
♫ 5. Twice - Intro + BDZ (Korean Ver.) + What Is Love? (VLive | VK 1 2)
♫ 6. IZ*ONE x Stray Kids Intro + Mirotic (by DBSK) + Road (by g.o.d) (VLive | VK 1 2) + Happiness (by H.O.T) + Bang Bang Bang (by Big Bang) (VLive | VK 1 2)
♫ 7. Seventeen - Oh My! + Clap + Getting Closer (VLive | VK 1 2 3)
♫ 8. Paul Kim - Every Day, Every Moment (VLive | VK)
♫ 9. Kihyun x Wonho x Minyuk (Monsta X) - No Reason (VLive | VK)
♫ 10. Baekho (NU'EST W) - I Was Happy Until Now (VLive | VK)
♫ 11. Woojin x Sungwoon (Wanna One) - Dance Performance (VLive | VK)
♫ 12. Seventeen - A-TEEN (VLive | VK)
♫ 13. Monsta X - Myself + Crazy in Love + Jealousy + Shoot Out (VLive | VK 1 2 3)
♫ 14. GOT7 - Miracle + From Now + Look(VLive | VK 1 2)
♫ 15. BTS - Fake Love (VLive | VK) + Idol (VLive | VK)

Sources: soompi 1 2, korean music shows, jtbc plus, svtnz

What are your favorite moments and performances?
lostintheechoes 8th-Jan-2019 01:21 am (UTC)
BTS really rode a guardian lion out to the stage. also that Fake Love intro, i really liked that.
sforza 8th-Jan-2019 01:31 am (UTC)
the sound for the Twice section is awful???? holy crap that was hard to watch (idk if it's bad for the others bc I haven't watched them)

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lightframes 8th-Jan-2019 01:35 am (UTC)
My favorite moment was Jonghyun's bonsang
ashdevilrun23 8th-Jan-2019 03:12 am (UTC)
Mirotic/bangx3 cover was my fave the audience was so into it
jyusou 8th-Jan-2019 07:38 am (UTC)
Same, they did so well!
myungung 8th-Jan-2019 01:22 pm (UTC)
i'm a bit ?? at the quality of the videos. 720p is not HD at all though.

performances wise they didn't really feel like anything special, but I appreciated IZ*one Mirotic
done_na 8th-Jan-2019 04:29 pm (UTC)
What is this low-resolution realness for some of these vids. At 720p their faces are so pixelated I can't tell them apart.

Iz*one's dance break to O My was a pleasant surprise--it wasn't the usual ## ver of La Vie en Rose (BlackPink's 1-mimute walk, please take notes).
I'm happy they're trying new things by covering Mirotic and how people (*cough* BTS) were enjoying it. But... Only Yena pulled it off. Maybe Chaeyeon too if only because I'm too distracted by her dance to notice her voice.
Team Happiness did better, and I love that J-line is performing a kpop classic.

That Road cover was horrible. I'm sorry Stray Kids, but your voices are nowhere near as soulful and powerful as g.o.d.'s.
The Bang3 cover tho was excellent. High energy all throughout!

Twice really are performers! How can they still be this excitable even with their schedules?! Also note to stylist: please make chaeyoung's hem longer, tyvm.
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