Señora Interesante (sra_interesante) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
Señora Interesante

IU Address Controversy On Instagram "I Will Not Be Wronged, Apologies Will Be Accepted" #WearewithIU

IU personally talked about the controversy on her instagram, giving a yellow card to netizens and korean media for invading her & her building residents privacy. #WearewithIU is trending on korea since her post.

Of course IU team got her back

Now #WeAreWithIU is trending on twitter korea

Everyone should take note, BBi BBi wasnt just a song ... that was IU new policy
Source: IU instagram, ballon_wanted Twitter,ayiiyuuu, ZuaSky, GIF
Tags: fierce and flawless, iu, real estate, rumour, social media/youtube, thats right my type

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