3:10 pm - 01/08/2019

"GOT7's Real Thai" to reveal personal sides of K-pop stars

For those who have long been curious about the hidden but more genuine sides of K-pop superstars, XtvN's upcoming realty show "GOT7's Real Thai: Along with the Gods," which features GOT7 members' adventurous journey to Thailand, should be a tempting option.

"I am rather concerned as we have opened up our personal sides too much," said Bambam, a Thai member of the team who worked as a "guide" for the show, during a press event at IFC mall, Yeouido, Seoul, on Monday.

Youngjae, the main vocalist agreed, saying, "The show is fraught with scenes that are shockingly realistic ― thanks to this, we could gradually unveil our authentic features and personalities."

The singers and the producer, Lee Won-hyung, hinted that the members even revealed their faces before make-up and had a competition about "physiological phenomenon."

Lee made this possible, disclosing the crew did not give the four members ― Bambam, Youngjae, Mark and Jinyoung ― many instructions, but instead let them follow their hearts about what they did and how much they revealed.

"GOT7's fans should love this program, and even non-fans will find it entertaining for its realism," said Lee.

Only the quartet ― with a nickname "GOT4" ― headed to Thailand this time to seek out seven Thai deities who would present them good fortunes in 2019. They were asked to carry out seven missions to bump into each god.

Bambam explained that solely four members have teamed up to draw a "different picture."

"With all our seven members together, it would have been demanding to make the program distinctive from our previous reality shows," he said. "The 'inconceivable' combination of members has helped create freshness."

There was another unexpected cast member on the program ― comedian Hwang Jae-sung, who dressed up like gods and added wittiness to the show.

Youngjae expressed his gratitude to Hwang for putting the spotlight on each member by sensibly making them look more comical and playful. Bambam added he has learnt much from Hwang, who provided myriad of advices during the filming.

Lee and the members also unveiled their hopes for the next seasons of the program.

"Next time, I want to visit the place that uses a language, which none of our members can speak," Youngjae said. "I believe it would be more hilarious and we might be able to show off our chemistry more."

"GOT7's Real Thai: Along with the God" will premiere at 8:00 p.m. on Jan. 16.

source: The Korea Times
daynr 8th-Jan-2019 11:39 pm (UTC)
I'm really excited about this, because 3 of the members are the more quiet ones, and yet have personalities. Also, Bam Bam is, I think, an undercover smarty-smart, so I'm excited to have it shown, plus have the elders rely one of the playful babies. I don't think Mark will have any problem with it, but it'll be interesting to see a perfectionist like Jinyoung a place where he probably can't read or speak the language.

I'm also curious about their reactions to having to show a less groomed version of themselves, if it's true. I think Mark won't care much, but I'm curious about the other three's attitude.

I hope others watch and we can gossip our way through the episodes!
mortkero 12th-Jan-2019 02:51 am (UTC)
This is indeed a unique combination.

It's normally

This has got me going back to the Got2day videos, although the second season (I think) Mark was really down on himself for being boring, and it made his episodes a bit painful to watch :(

Luckily Mark seems a lot more comfortable in the past year or so, so I'm hoping the format being less forced us also good for him, I adore him when he gets really happy and is full genuine laughter.

hpn88 9th-Jan-2019 12:33 am (UTC)
This is such an odd combination of members. The usual dynamics are all gone. I'm curious how this will turn out.
myungung 9th-Jan-2019 03:44 pm (UTC)
from the behind the scenes pics caught of them, it seems that they had fun on this trip. I love their reality shows, so I guess this won't be an exception
yxerin 10th-Jan-2019 01:52 pm (UTC)
”physiological phenomenon” are they gonna talk abt their morning wood or what
mortkero 12th-Jan-2019 02:34 am (UTC)
The programme where finally find it out the truth behind the "how do you know I'm not big?" question?!!

I raised my eyebrows when I saw that line in the post. But it might be a deliberate teaser and they were comparing the size of their ears or something...
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